If you are searching for romantic books to read, it is time to end your search. this blog post will provide you with titles that are must-haves in your collection of romance novels.


Popular Romance Novels Online

The titles have been handpicked from a great pool of books and stories, so it would be worth a shot if you purchased one of these. You can also read online romantic novels available on various reading websites. ChatEbooks lists down three of the must-read romantic novels, if you haven’t already read them.


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1. Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen

One of the most famous works of classical romance, this book has risen to be acclaimed as one of the masterpieces ever written on the feminine outlook on romance. It was first published in 1813, and by now has many adaptations in movies, theatres and skits. You cannot call yourself a romance connoisseur if you have not read this title.



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2. Jane Eyre, The Bronte sisters

This novel was published in 1847. It is a story narrated by Jane Eyre herself, about her life and the five major stages she went through. It is a popular work of romance which involves a love triangle of sorts and a reunion of lovers at the end. A very entertaining romance novel indeed.




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3. A Walk to Remember, Nicholas Sparks

More popular with the teenagers of today, this novel adds a dash of tragedy to the love of a couple. Its popularity made it into a movie adaptation which performed equally well at the box office. A must-read for romance enthusiasts.

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The Most Popular Romance Novels To Read Online
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