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Chat E Books provides the ultimate e-book experience for buying, selling, connecting and engaging in a fun-filled, user-friendly platform. A social media marketplace that offers a unique online opportunity by which authors, readers, and book enthusiasts in general can connect and engage with each other, Chat E Books is a great way for book enthusiasts to forge a community with book authors and like-minded readers online. Providing an interactive selling/reading experience, the site aims to deliver the most enriching and most rewarding experience possible to book lovers from all over the world.

Offering more than the typical online book store or review site, Chat E Books provides authors and readers with the opportunity to interact and engage views with each other. Each book featured on the site is assigned its own exclusive chat group where authors and readers may join in on live chats, participate in reader polls, post comments, and read comments from other people. This serves to enhance the experience for everyone but particularly so for the reader, who will be able to learn more about the featured book.

Authors stand to gain a number of key benefits by signing up for the Chat E Books service as well, not the least of which is total control over their book’s pricing and distribution. Authors also get to sell ebooks online, keep all revenues from book sales, and will have immediate access to all earnings. Authors can choose to upload romance novels, children’s books, self-help e-books or they can select from a variety of other categories available on Chat E Books.

For authors, not only can they publish ebooks, but one of the most significant benefits of a Chat E Books membership is the increased opportunity for a more enriching connection with their readers. By utilizing the site’s social media model, authors could potentially broaden their reach, and communicate with their readers in a more direct and more effective manner. This in turn makes it possible for authors to build stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships with their audiences.

Readers for their part will benefit from being able to buy ebooks online in a wide variety of formats, including EPUB, MOBI and PDF, and either download them to a device of their choice or remain online reading novels they’ve purchased. Readers can choose from a variety of genres including romance novels, fiction and fantasy novels and e-books for young adults. Readers may also connect and interact with authors, participate in topics or chapter discussions with authors and other readers, and build a library of purchased books. Readers may even invite family and friends to join in on chat groups/discussions, further enhancing the social nature of the site.

It isn't necessary to be a member of Chat E Books in order to buy eBooks online, view book descriptions, or peruse the reviews. However, membership is required in order to join the e-book groups, take part in the live chats, and write reviews.

Readers get the above-mentioned benefits by applying for a Gold membership, which is offered free of charge. To sign up for the program, simply select the “create an account” option at the top of the home page and proceed through the sign-up process. Membership approval is provided within minutes, with new members immediately being able to access all the features of the site. Check out Chat E Books today and find out how rewarding reading can be!