Romance novels have come a long way in recent years. Bestselling romance authors have proven to rise above the cliché love stories and create pulse-pounding tales that readers can relate to in one way or another.


10 of the Best Romance Authors

The best romance authors are writers who have an inimitable command over the genre, capturing readers with a beautiful love story. They are classic and contemporary authors who have made their name worthy of acclaim by churning stories of love, sacrifice and heartbreak that live to this day.  So who are some of the best romance authors of all time? ChatEbooks has this non-exhaustive list of 10.

Jane Austen

No list of the best romance authors would be complete without Jane Austen. Austen’s works were not always geared towards romance; instead they sought to tackle societal elements and conflicts. Yet, she has penned some of the best romantic novels, most notable of which is “Pride and Prejudice.” With other works like “Sense and Sensibility” and “Emma,” she is one of the most widely read writers in English literature.

Charlotte Bronte

Bronte is recognized for bringing something new to the table by producing gothic melodrama in her body of work. A gifted writer, her romance classic, “Jane Eyre”, raised the standard for all books to come in the genre.

Emily Bronte

Bronte’s “Wuthering Heights” is a classic on par with some of the best Shakespearean tales. Her work sought to challenge societal norms regarding issues like class and religion.  Sadly, Bronte did not live to enjoy the acclaim her books eventually attracted.

Audrey Niffenegger

Nifenegger is an American author whose novels infuse romance with science fiction. She is best known for “The Time Traveler’s Wife”, a book that many believe she transfused with the frustrations and problems inundating her own love life at the time. The book sold over 7 million copies, was translated into 40 languages and was adapted into a film.

Nicholas Sparks

Sparks is, without a doubt, the most globally renowned author in the romantic genre today. Considered one of the world’s most loved romantic storytellers, Sparks holds 20 novels to his credit, 11 of which have been adapted into movies. He is best known for the books “The Notebook,” “A Walk to Remember,” and “Safe Haven.” His books have sold almost 100 million copies worldwide, with over 65 million copies in the US alone.

Margaret Mitchell

Mitchell is an American journalist and author renowned for the Pulitzer Prize winning epic romance novel “Gone With the Wind”.  Her novel sold over 30 million copies and was translated into an Academy Award winning film. Her second novel, “Lost Laysen,” was discovered after her death in 1996.

Nora Roberts

Also known as Sarah Hardesty, J.D. Robb or Jill March, Roberts has made more money from the romance genre than almost all other renowned romance authors. With an impressive 209 novels under her belt, Roberts has won many prestigious accolades during her career. She is best known for her works “Irish Thoroughbred,” “Sweet Revenge” and “Spellbound.”

Jude Deveraux

With several dozen books under her belt, this New York Times bestselling author has sold over sixty million copies of her novels, many of which tackle romance in historical settings. Deveraux is known for her humorous and adventurous tales, with titles like “A Knight and the Shining Armour,” “Counterfeit Lady” and “The Velvet Promise.”

Julie Garwood

Another amongst the best romance authors, this Irish novelist has written over 27 novels in both the romance and historical genres. A New York Times bestselling author with multiple hit novels like “The Clayborne Brides,” “Come Spring” and “The Wedding”, Garwood’s goal is to make her readers laugh and cry at the same time.

Judith McNaught

McNaught has won numerous accolades for writing during her lengthy career. She is known for novels like “Until You” and “Remember”, both of which landed on the top spot of the New York Times Bestseller List. Her first novel, “Whitney My Love,” won a Romantic Times Award, which is a testament to her skill. 

Any author can write a romance tale about two people falling in love. However, only a few authors can craft stories that know how to pull on our heartstrings.  The best romance authors write stories that seek to stand out, refusing to rely on overused clichés and concepts. 


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