For the longest time, book clubs have become the perfect avenues for people to interact with fellow book enthusiasts in a social setting – coffee shops, community houses or vacation spots. While book clubs have always been around, the internet has simplified the process of bringing book lovers together.  Sharing their love for reading in the digital world has become more comfortable for readers.


5 Reasons Why Book Buddies Can Be as Effective as Book Clubs

Though book clubs are a largely well-known element, people are not as familiar with book buddies. They are people that come together at a predetermined time and place to read. Reading buddy programs are fairly common in schools around the world. Schools are keen to promote the book buddy system because of the impact they can have on one’s reading habits. This is especially true for individuals that cannot find the time to join book clubs. ChatEbooks lists down some reasons why having book buddies can be as effective as joining book clubs.

Book Buddies Make Reading Fun

Reading with a book buddy is fun. It doesn’t really matter if you’re not into reading or if the books themselves lack entertainment value. You will none the less have a good time if you actually take the time to read with another individual. Sharing the reading experience with a book buddy invokes interaction and meaningful conversation.  This can create in you a thirst for reading that you never had before.

Book Buddies Make Reading an Educational Experience

Not only do book buddies make reading fun, they also allow readers to better understand the material they are reading. When reading on your own, you may be tempted to speed through dull paragraphs and sentences without digesting the information.  However, when there is someone in the vicinity trying to follow along, this bad habit of speed-reading is not possible. Reading with a friend encourages you to take your time to actually understand the material in front of you.

The fact that book buddy programs encourage discussions throughout the process makes reading an educational experience.  This can also transform the way one approaches reading when they are on their own. Children who indulge in reading buddy programs often make more of an effort to understand the material they are reading. Even when they are alone. This determination to comprehend often becomes a driving factor that compels children to pursue a more active reading culture.

Book Buddies Help Establish Reading Routine

If you once loved reading but you can no longer muster the interest to really engage a book, book buddies will help you regain your spark. The fact that reading buddy programs encourage you to maintain a regular reading routine will ensure that you keep the literary world within your conscious. And while a regular routine might prove difficult in the beginning, by repeating the experience you will find yourself falling into a healthy regular reading habit that is not only consistent but enjoyable.

Book Buddies Help Widen Reading Choices

Book buddies, like book clubs, will allow you to expand your reading scope. Spend too much time reading by yourself and you will eventually fall into a rut – only ever operating within those genres with which you are comfortable. And while growing comfortable within specific pockets of the literary arena is hardly the worst habit to develop, a reading buddy will force you out of your comfort zone and compel you to explore. Such reading adventures are best tackled when you have a friend to accompany you into unknown territory. 

Book Buddies Help Improve Literacy

Book buddy programs are some of the most effective methods of improving literacy among young children. Being paired with older children on a regular basis can help younger children become more fluent readers. Reading with an older and more skilled reader gives younger readers the opportunity to pick up on the nuances of words, sentence structures, pronunciation and every other essential element of reading.

When book clubs are not available, book buddies are the next best thing.  Book buddies are not only practical tools for teaching reading and comprehension; they can make reading more fun and enjoyable.  


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