So you’ve finally worked up the courage and are well on your way to, quite possibly, becoming the writer of a best seller. And you’ve decided you’re going to self-publish your book. Looks like you’re well on the way to becoming the next Stephen King.

Well, not quite. There’s one very crucial step you’re missing: marketing.

In today’s fast paced world, to have a successful book launch, you need to amplify your book’s exposure and reach more readers. We at ChatEbooks have compiled some marketing lessons that you, the self-published author, can make use of to successfully promote your own book.

Audience Engagement

Engaging your audience throughout the book development process can be a good way to increase interest, while simultaneously allowing you to gauge their thoughts. Ask people for inputs on cover design, and keep their interest piqued by releasing short excerpts. You can use the ChatEbooks Forums to engage readers and gain feedback.

Amazon’s “Also Bought”

If you’re a new self-publishing author, a big percentage of your income will be generated from Amazon and Kindle EBooks. So it would do to make sure you understand how Amazon can help promote your book. Their KDP Select program is a great choice for new titles.

Promotion Services

Always be on the lookout for services that can help generate interest for your book. Some of these are free but spending money on reliable and efficient book promotion services may go a long way. Be selective and make sure not to spend too much on promotion alone.

Influencer Relationships

Well ahead of your book launch, you should start to work on building relationships with social media influencers. Support them in any way you can. If you have your own platform already, you might interview them and give them exposure. Come book launch time, send them copies of your book, and ask for reviews and/or endorsements.

Other Strategies

Look into how other author’s in the same niche have marketed their books. What strategies did they use to extend their book’s audience? Maybe they used some podcasts for readers; maybe they paid for book reviews. Analyze their overall marketing strategy. Then try to incorporate elements of their strategy to your own marketing plan.

However, we advise against total imitation, as what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you.

Self-publishing your books may seem like a daunting task. But with the right mix of marketing strategy, you’ll be able to make sure your book has a successful launch.

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5 Book Marketing Lessons for the Self-Published Author
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