As an independent author, you have unprecedented opportunities to sell your ebook in today’s digital marketplace. There is a continual increase in potential distribution channels for your ebook. At the same time, there’s also a growing audience of people who are actively looking for self-published ebooks to read. Simply put, it’s pretty cool to be able to download ebooks for cheap prices and support the digital publishing revolution. Looking for ways to promote your ebook but are unsure of exactly how to go about it? Below are some ways for you to develop a creative online marketing strategy in order to sell your ebook. 



1. Run a free promotion

One of the best ways to generate “buzz” for your ebook is to give it away for free for a limited time. Run a free promotion for 30 days (or up to 90 days if you choose). Trust in the power of word-of-mouth advertising to help spread the word about your ebook. Try not to look at the promotion as “lost sales”. Instead, view it as an investment into the overall online marketing strategy to further your work. This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to build an audience. This is because there are a ton of readers out there who love to discover new works from up-and-coming authors.

2. Promote your book in online reading communities

There are several very popular and influential blogs, social networks, newsletters, etc., for reading enthusiasts, many of which regularly review and promote ebooks. The online reading community is remarkably tight-knit. Because of this, recommendations that are shared within these circles often spread at a rapid pace. Below is a list of some of the best online communities to get connected with:

* Chat Ebooks:
* Pixel of Ink:
* Kindle Nation:
* GoodReads:
* Kindle Reader:
* Inspired Reads:

If you manage to get your ebook mentioned in any one of these online outposts, you have a good chance of substantially increasing your downloads and sales. Many of the sites listed offer paid advertising placements, where you can promote your ebook to highly targeted audiences. 

3. Seek paid book reviews

Independent authors often seek paid book reviews from influential entities in the industry in order to boost their credibility and legitimize their work. If you choose to go this route, below are two of the best places to get your book reviewed:

* BookRooster: ($67 per book)
* Kirkus Reviews: ($425 standard service, $575 express service)

4. Record a video summary of your ebook and upload it to YouTube

You can highlight the key points of the book, and share a little insight as to what you hope your audience will get from reading it. Be sure to keep a close eye on the comments as well, and interact with your audience whenever possible. 

As an independent author, you have an unprecedented opportunity to expose your work to a worldwide audience. The convenience of the Internet allows you to showcase your ebook using a wide range of promotional methods. Stay creative, use the tips above, and watch your ebook sales grow by leaps and bounds.


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