Walking Over Eggshells


Growing up with a mother with a narcissistic personality disorder, travel to Africa.

Sold By: Lucinda E Clarke


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Growing up in a household as the only child with a widowed mother with a narcissistic personality disorder did not fit Lucinda for the world. She met and married a ‘Walter Mitty’ character who took her to live in several different countries. She learned to cope after being left in the bush with a seven week old baby, just one of her many adventures, which included hosting foreign ambassadors, meeting Prince Charles and interviewing Nelson Mandela. She worked 24/7 to support the rest of the family, running the worst riding school in the world, writing for radio and television and finally running her own video company in South Africa. It was only after her mother died that she understood how personality disorders work, and how her family relationships had shaped her life.

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