The Butterfly Connection


Emma is a person of interest in her step-brother’s murder. She seeks out his reclusive partner to help clear her name and solve the murder. Artemis Jones regrets picking up an accident victim from the moment he pulls over. Worse she’s his partner’s sister

Sold By: Sandra S. Kerns


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Emma Simms is running for her life and she doesn’t even know why. Ever since a cryptic email from her step-brother Eric her quiet life has been thrown into chaos. She goes to their cabin in Upstate New York to find him near death. He sends her on a cross-country trip to Colorado to find Artemis Jones and a mysterious flash drive that will explain everything. While on the road to Colorado, she discovers Eric died and not only do the authorities consider her a “person of interest”, her parents believe she is responsible for her step-brother’s death. In order to get her life back she must find Artemis Jones and hope he has the answers that will end this nightmare.

Artemis Jones has turned his back on civilization since the death of his wife, two years ago. He has kept in touch with one person from his former life, Eric Barron. On his way to their monthly meeting, he stops to help a woman along the road. An action he regrets immediately. When he learns she’s the step-sister of his partner the regret grows. If anyone knows his need to keep his distance, it’s his partner. So why did he send his sister to him for help?

Will Emma be able to trust this reclusive stranger to help her? Will Artemis, a loner because of past personal problems find it possible to trust Emma? Can the two of them work together to find Eric’s killer?

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