Learning to Love Again


YA, College, Romance, Love, Romance Drama, Saga, Divorce, Abuse, Romantic Suspense

Sold By: Jessa Stephens


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The strength of Bree Hudson, being a single mother, wanting to protect her children so badly…she forgot how to live along the way. After being divorced for two years, her children were happy and Bree thought she was. Until…

Ryder Houston, a widower, had two wonderful children, and thought he had all that he needed in life. Until…

At Trevor’s birthday party, the two met because of their children.

There was no denying the magnetic pull between Bree and Ryder.

Bree’s reaction to Ryder:

His brilliant smile makes my body weak with want. What is it about him that has me attracted to him? Two years—two freaking years—I have avoided men. Now, this! No, I’m not attracted to him—he is just nice. Yeah, right! Bree, you dork, you don’t even believe that! He is sexy as sin, and you’d love to take him for a spin. Bree’s inner Goddess decided to show her ugly head. What was worse was Bree knew the bitch was right!

Ryder’s reaction to Bree:

She is so beautiful, and it kills me thinking about some jerk putting her down so much that she does not even see it in herself. What is it about her that has me wanting to protect her? I want to show her what it would be like to be with a man that doesn’t abuse women. Punks like that make me sick, he had better hope I never lay eyes on him. I would beat the life out of him.

However, there is a force so strong, it could rip them to shreds. Also, when their life is in danger from this force…this book has you gripping your seat!

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