In the Shadow of Fate


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Their paths never crossed, but their destiny is bound by blood.

Strangers separated by forty years and a bloody war, their only bond is a name engraved on The Wall. He walked in the shadow of fate. She stepped into the shadow of love.

A restless intimacy followed Ryan through the jungles of Vietnam, the fear, loneliness, and death camouflaged by the beauty of a country twelve thousand miles from home. He walked courageously toward his destiny and left his legacy—words written in a bloodstained journal—for the woman he loved and their infant daughter.

Encouraged by an enigmatic old man who sends her a journal identical to her father’s, Ryleigh composes her words when a second chance at love is cut short by ghosts from the past. No blood stains her journal, only the souvenirs of a broken heart.

from A Promise of Fireflies ~

‘The leather journal was identical to the one her father had filled so many years ago, yet no blood stained the cover. Her words came easily as did her tears, branding her journal as her father had decades ago in the jungles of Vietnam.’

“The only thing harder than being a soldier,” Ambrose said, his voice hoarse with emotion, “is loving one.”

A companion book of poetry from the journals of Ryleigh and Ryan.

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