Her Master of Hearts


ADA Ace Masters’ major battle is his brother’s partner who decides to play bodyguard. Why is he second-guessing himself and his instincts when it’s obvious Gina needs the bodyguard? And why does her agreeing with his no marriage plan upset him?

Sold By: Sandra S. Kerns


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Detective Gina DeSoto wants life to be like it used to be. She wants to go back. Back in time to before her aunt returned; before her usually stoic partner found love and became a bastion of cheer; before a good friend got murdered by a burglar; and before Ace got a target painted on his back. She may not be interested in a relationship with him anymore, but she certainly doesn’t want him dead.

ADA Ace Masters isn’t certain of anything anymore. With both of his brothers happily married, he’s starting to wonder why he still wants to keep his distance when it comes to a relationship. After an attempt on his life, he remembers why. he may not be a cop or in the military, but some folks don’t take kindly to being put in prison. And Ace is very good at doing just that. He renews his determination to remain single.

Unfortunately, the only person he trust to help him figure out who is targeting him is Gina, the one person who knows how to push his buttons. Having her close by all the time has him forgetting to keep his distance. And that has placed a target on Gina’s back as well. Can he stop the person aiming for her, or will he lose her because he’s afraid to take a chance?

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