Her Master Detective


Tres Masters gave up on love years ago. So why is he intrigued by skittish Izzy? Izzy needs to keep her distance, especially from a cop. Seeing the shadow of loss in his eyes, how can she walk away?

Sold By: Sandra S. Kerns


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Detective Tres Masters is frustrated with his career. Another slam-dunk case is going down the tubes and this one is personal. He needs a way to release all the tension or he’s going to go insane. When he runs into Dos and Copper, they introduce him to a friend. A female friend who can’t seem to leave fast enough when he joins them. Despite his no relationships rule, Tres finds himself intrigued.

Izzy Jovanovich is perfectly happy with her quiet life as a tutor. The only people she is beholden to are her clients, and she likes it that way. At least she did until a brooding detective walked into her life. She sees shadows of loss and hurt in his eyes. She knows that feeling too well. Keeping her distance would be the smart thing to do. Instead, she does the opposite and offers to be a sounding board if he needs one. But, he’s a detective. Can she help him without revealing anything about herself? Can she risk the temptation of getting close to someone again or will her past come back to haunt them both?

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