Her Master Defender


Recuperating at home Major Dos Masters needs peace. Vandalism of a neighbor’s business gives him the opposite and Copper Kerrigan a challenge.

Sold By: Sandra S. Kerns


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Sent home to recuperate from a mission gone bad, the last thing Major Dos Masters needs is to be responsible for the safety of someone else. When the massage therapist across from his brother’s security office starts to walk into a vandalized office, he doesn’t have a choice. Protect and serve is his life, even if the Army discharges him.

Copper Kerrigan has no interest in a relationship with a military man. Watching her mother miss her father when he was deployed so often taught her that. So why does the one person who comes to her aid have to be a wounded Army man? Why can’t she ignore the haunted shadows in his eyes? How is she going to protect her heart from the first man who agrees with her no military relationship rule, when he’s the only man she trusts?

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