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Fit For Business is written by Andrew Bridgewater, a UK chartered psychologist. Powerfully written from personal experience, the book contains a wealth of practical tips to help you deal with stress and create a healthy work life balance – for life.

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“Fit for Business” was recently featured in Psychologies Magazine:


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – Why This Stuff Matters: A Personal Perspective
  • Chapter 2 – Fit For Business In 12 Weeks
  • Chapter 3 – You Were Born Fully Equipped To Deal With Stress
  • Chapter 4 – Physiology & Our Experience of Stress
  • Chapter 5 – Stress & The Slight Edge
  • Chapter 6 – There’s No Such Thing As A Problem Outside Our Thinking
  • Chapter 7 – Healthy Work Life Balance & Stress
  • Chapter 8 – You Have All The Resilience You’ll Ever Need
  • Chapter 9 – Building Self-Confidence & Uncovering Natural Resilience
  • Chapter 10 – Social Support – Cherish Your Connections
  • Chapter 11 – Adaptability & Dealing With Change
  • Chapter 12 – Purposefulness & Finding Purpose
  • Chapter 13 – Dealing With Worry & Anxiety 130
  • Chapter 14 – Health, Stress & Work Life Balance
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography & Recommended Reading
  • Appendix 1 – John Talks To Andrew About How 3 Principles Coaching Has Helped Him and His Business

This is what Melissa Shepherd wrote on Amazon:

5 stars – “Impactful read that will help bring out your best self”

“Regardless of your current levels of mental fitness this ‘wholistic’ book is packed full of insights and tools which will improve the fitness of your mind, body and soul and have a positive impact on your life. I love the linkages between health and wellbeing and success at work and play – it really made me think about the importance of looking after myself first, so I can be my best self at work and for significant others. I would recommend this book as a very open, honest, accessible, well written one stop shop. Being a worrier, ‘Chapter 13 – Dealing With Worry & Anxiety’ has already had a tangible impact on how I am thinking and feeling”.

This is what G Cross from London wrote at

5 stars – “Excellent advice”

“Really enjoyed the book. It’s opened my eyes to the effects of acid and alkaline on the body. I’ve opted for a more alkaline food plan and can feel the positive effect already”.

What problems will this book help you solve?

Severe and prolonged stress can be mastered – permanently, without reliance on things like prescription drugs or excess alcohol. We all have a “crack of least resistance” and chronic stress will find it unless you learn to recognize the early warning signs and know how to take positive, healthy action. Fit for Business will show you how to deal with stress, quickly outgrow your problems and be able to play a much bigger game at work without ever again risking the one thing you don’t want to live without – your health.

What’s the solution?

This audiobook and ebook will show you how to deal with stress at work in healthy ways, as well as how to channel it into a powerful and positive force for good in your life. It contains some simple but very powerful principles that you may well not have come across before now. In desperation, the author researched the problem for many years and finally found the answers he was looking for. This is the success formula shared in Fit for Business: How to Deal with Stress & Enjoy a Healthy Work Life Balance.

What’s the bigger vision?

For too long, chronic stress, depression and anxiety at work have been taboo subjects that people feel loathe to talk about and where the help that is available usually focuses on attempting a quick fix, rather than long lasting prevention and a good work life balance. This is the mission and purpose of Fit for Business.

About Andrew and why this?

I’m a UK Chartered Psychologist who specialises in helping business owners and leaders uncover their natural resilience and wellbeing, so that they can become healthily successful and powerful role models for others.

Someone who suffered with work-related stress for many years, this culminated in an episode of severe depression in 2006, during which I spent 5 weeks in a psychiatric hospital. It was a humiliating experience and the lowest point of my life. After being placed on high doses of antidepressant medication for the next 18 months, I rapidly gained 50lbs or 22kgs in weight (one of the unpleasant side effects of the medication).

In the autumn of 2007, I decided to slowly come off medication and lost the excess weight in 6 months by making some small, simple changes to my nutrition. This was while I was working in a challenging corporate training role and staying away from home in hotels for much of the week – a potentially stressful and unhealthy combination!

In the years since coming out of hospital, I’ve researched and applied everything I could find about how to develop resilience and deal with stress at work in natural, healthy and sustainable ways. What I learned and put into practice has been life-changing and I want most of all to be able to share it with you.

I want to support of World Mental Health Day and you can download the audio mp3 edition at no cost from

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