Dance of Deception


A HS counselor plunges into her worst nightmare after finding her BFF’s body in her classroom. Who’d want to kill the popular teacher? And why?

Sold By: Trish Reeb


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High school counselor Alex T finds her BFF dead. Murdered in her classroom. Obsessed with unraveling the mystery, Alex stops at nothing to get to the truth. Gutsy, smart, but impulsive, she pursues clues like a cat stalking its prey.

Enter the handsome detective. After a rough start, Alex agrees to be his mole. The first day, she exposes her aversion to following the rules. Specifically, his ground rules. Consequently, he spends a lot of time cleaning up her messes. And she has plenty of them, not unlike a young puppy. If only Cole could put her on a leash.

The unlikely duo spar and butt heads in their quest to solve the case. Every time Cole fishes Alex out of hot water, another clue surfaces. They follow the evidence from the urban high school to a ritzy apartment building downtown and finally to an isolated warehouse where teens disappear.

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