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ChatEBooks offers an avid reader base ready to read your next work! Publish your e-book on our online e-book store and take advantage of our e-book marketplace. We take pride in our authors as well as our readers, and feel that you should get revenue for your hard work.

ChatEBooks provides our platform for easy e-book publishing. All that’s needed is a one-time flat-rate fee of $9.99. After that, authors can publish as many books as they like for life!

ChatEBooks allows authors to follow it up with personalized discussions with their reader base. We are not a scripted forum. We encourage people to be honest in their opinions. We hope the feedback encourages you, and helps you grow as an author. This unique type of interaction steadily grows your exposure and allows you to create a loyal fan base!


There was a time when delving into a good book and discussing it over lunch, or at a book club, fit into our busy lives and schedules. Today, with the adaptation of technology, the idea of a community brought together around a common theme has been lost, until now…

ChatEBooks is a home for avid book lovers to not only engage with their peers, but also their favorite authors. Our user-friendly platform harnesses the strengths of social media to help authors and their readers build relationships and connections within the context of the selling/reading experience.

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At Chat eBooks, we believe your voice deserves to be heard, your work deserves to be read, and we can help!

  • Create an online presence where fans can discuss and recommend your work to others, both on and off the website.
  • We allow for customized pages dedicated to our authors, with full profile descriptions and book availability online.
  • Connect with other authors and collaborate on ideas, writing tips, conferences, illustrators, and make friends all over the world.

Chat eBooks provides the reader audience you’ve always wanted, without spending thousands on marketing. From romance novels to sci-fi, we welcome all genres.

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Chat eBooks is a home for avid book lovers to not only engage with their peers, but also their favorite authors.

  • With our integrated book chat forum, you are able to discuss your newest reads, plot twists, and the moments that captured you and left you speechless.
  • Chat and connect with fellow readers and authors.
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We are committed to providing a platform for the new author, and the weary reader, both committed to their love of written art to come together. You will find all of your favorites available in our bookshelf.