eBooks for Children & Young Adults

Children’s Stories by Age and Reading levels!

Take a look at our extensive selection of eBooks for children. From pre-schoolers to early readers, these eBooks have been designed to provide hours of fun, inspire their young imagination and instill in them a love for books and reading. Also available: eBooks for young adults.

Our selection of eBooks for Young Adults address issues that are common to adolescents in today’s society. Amongst our collection is “Broken Earth”, a book by Lee Ryder about a young girl(Jess)who lost her family to a plague that wiped out everyone over age twenty-five. As a result, Jess was challenged to survive in a violent world controlled by children and gangs.  This book takes readers on a suspenseful journey of loss, grief, and self-discovery.

Chat E Books also carries books suitable for young children.  “Gabby and the Quads”, by Tina Frisco, is a book about an only child who learns to adapt to her new life as the big sister to quadruplets.  This fun read provides a unique approach to teaching kids about babies and the joy of loving. 

Whether you prefer children’s books or eBooks for Young Adults, our selections are sure to entertain and inspire.

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