Podcasts are an amazing tool for anyone looking for writing resources for authors – from creative writing, self-publishing and book marketing to keeping up with the latest news and trends in the industry. Aside from being free, podcasts are a convenient way to gather useful and relevant information related to writing. You can listen to them anywhere while doing other things like traveling, working out, and cleaning.


Top Podcasts for Authors

Of course, selecting the right podcast to listen to is a little more challenging than it might sound. There are so many options on the table to choose from that narrowing your choices down to the most relevant might be a bit time consuming.  If you’re a podcast newbie in search of writing resources, ChatEbooks lists down some of the top podcasts you should consider subscribing to:

The Dead Robots’ Society (www.deadrobotssociety.com)

Hosted by Justin Macumber, The Dead Robots’ Society podcast was created in an effort to offer writing resources, advice and support to other aspiring authors. Macumber hosts various writers who share their personal experiences and tackle stories of relevance to the publishing industry in an informal and entertaining format.

Writing Excuses (www.writingexcuses.com)

Hosted by four writers (Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal and Howard Tayler), what sets this weekly podcast apart is the fact that it is a fast-paced podcast (15 minutes per episode). During the 15 minutes, the four hosts cover quick writing techniques and address problems other authors might have in their own writing careers.

Grammar Girl (www.quickanddirtytips.com/grammar-girl)

Former science writer Mignon Fogarty, known as “Grammar Girl” in the publishing industry, maintains this website which makes the art of grammar glamorous and enchanting. Grammar Girl promotes the proper use of the English language with podcasts, books, tips and posts. These writing resources make it easy for users to tackle the confusing and sometimes irritating grammar rules and requirements.

The Creative Penn (www.thecreativepenn.com)

The Creative Penn is the brainchild of bestselling thriller author Joanna Penn who shares her stories of success and struggles in the self-publishing industry. Through her website for writers, aspiring authors are treated to over 1,000 articles and over 100 hours of audio on topics ranging from writing, publishing and book marketing.

Writer’s Digest (www.writersdigest.com)

More than your average blog, the Writer’s Digest is a writer’s resource haven. Functioning like a virtual mini mall, the Writer’s Digest offers information on the hottest contests, boot camps, workshops and seminars from around the web. The site also features a huge collection of writing articles categorized by genre, goal and writing level.

I Should Be Writing (www.murverse.com/tag/isbw)

This award-winning podcast, hosted by author Mur Lafferty, aims to encourage anyone who thinks they might have a story to pick up a pen and start writing. Aside from episodes that feature interviews with authors who have new books, I Should Be Writing explores, in a comical way, how-to topics for writers. The podcast works to encourage potential writers to believe in themselves and get writing.

Live Write Thrive (www.livewritethrive.com)

Author and editor C.S. Larkin’s  site Live Write Thrive offers manuscript critiques to aspiring authors who desperately want to get published. Live Write Thrive is a safe haven for aspiring authors looking for guidance and support. The website offers a myriad of resources, tips, guest posts and online courses from a group of respected professionals in the industry.

The Story Grid Podcast (www.storygrid.simplecast.fm)

The Story Grid Podcast is hosted by veteran author Shawn Coyne and amateur writer Tim Grahl. Their goal is to offer writing resources that help authors create great stories. The twist – Both Coyne and Grahl put their own stories up for critique.

A Way with Words (www.waywordradio.org)

A National Public Radio Program, A Way with Words delves into the minutiae of language.  The show examines the history of language and how it has been shaped by elements like family and culture. This podcast is very in-depth and should appeal to authors looking to understand the nuances of language.

The Naked Book (www.player.fm/series/the-naked-book)

Hosted by Philip Jones, The Naked Book is a London-based publishing guru.  It is of extreme importance to writers of all ages, primarily because it aims to keep readers updated on the latest news coming out of the publishing world.  The platform also provides writing resources through interviews with literary experts.

As with most writing resources, writing podcasts are a dime a dozen today. When looking for a decent writing podcast, it is essential that you focus your efforts on those that fit your particular goals and needs.  The best podcasts have hosts that are not only entertaining but are also experienced and knowledgeable enough to teach you something new.


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