Many experienced authors and agents encourage aspiring authors to attend writing courses.  Writing courses are not only for gaining a better understanding of the publishing arena. They are also a means of improving your craft. Webinars or web-based seminars for writing attract interest because of how convenient they can be. Anyone can attend a webinar no matter where they are located in the world. 



As an aspiring author, you can easily search online for the best webinar writing courses the internet has to offer. Webinars are wide-ranging and you might be surprised by the comprehensive nature of the learning opportunities you will encounter. To get you started, ChatEbooks lists down some of the best online webinars for writers:

Structuring Your Novel: Discover the Proven Blueprint for Creating Stories that Sell

Why do some stories work and others don’t? Is there some unspoken secret for success that famous authors are aware of and you’re not? These are questions that “Structuring Your Novel: Discover the Proven Blueprint for Creating Stories that Sell” has the answers to. There are a lot of writers producing drafts for stories every single year. Only a small portion of these stories ever work. It is this small portion of authors that understand the importance of story structure. 

This webinar aims to teach authors how proper story structure can be used in evaluating a novel’s pacing and progression. This will show authors how to develop powerful three-part arcs and the best way to time acts and plot points. In addition, point out common structural weaknesses that emerge in many novels. 

Let’s Begin: Write Captivating Opening Pages

Victoria Marini has been in the business of selling Adult and Young Adult fiction for years. And, has been a long-time agent under the auspices of Gelfman Schneider/ICM Partners. As such, she is in the best position to educate authors through the webinar “Let’s Begin: Write Captivating Opening Pages”.  This webinar covers the best way to create strong opening pages that immediately attract the attention of agents and readers.

The first page of any book can make or break an author’s career. And a first chapter’s ability to captivate readers will determine whether they choose to keep reading. Attendees will learn how to create openers that capture the attention, sustain interest and eventually, compel readers to keep reading.

How to Be an Effective Online Writer and Grow Your Audience

As an author with a website, you need more than basic writing skills to succeed online.  Having an intricate knowledge of how search engines work is just as important as knowing how to punctuate your sentences. “How to be an Effective Online Writer and Grow Your Audience” will teach authors how to manipulate online audiences.  This includes understanding the do’s and don’ts of writing for an online audience and gaining intricate knowledge of SEO. Writing courses such as this are important for any author who lacks an understanding of the online arena.

Learn How to Write Compelling, Authentic Dialogue: “Voices in Your Head”

Dialogue is an essential component of any decent book. Compelling, authentic dialogue can transform even the dullest story into a masterpiece. This aims to educate authors on how to avoid the stilted dialogue that attracts disinterest from publishers and readers alike. “Learn How to Write Compelling, Authentic Dialogue: Voices in Your Head” will teach audiences how to develop characters through dialogue. As well as balance exposition and avoid awkward sounding conversations between characters. Author and founder/editor of the Young Adult Review Network Kerri Majors hosts this webinar

The Top 10 Mistakes Every Writer Should Avoid

“The Top Ten Mistakes Every Writer Should Avoid” will specifically teach attendees about the common writing mistakes authors make. As well as the best way to avoid these mistakes and tips that separate good from bad manuscripts. Experienced book professionals from publishing companies share their knowledge and insights on how to avoid common writing mistakes. It also aims to help fiction and non-fiction authors produce better manuscripts. Gallery and Pocket Books Senior Editor Abby Zidle hosts this webinar.

It takes so much more than talent to succeed in the publishing arena. As an author struggling to achieve your dreams, you should definitely consider taking webinar writing courses to improve your skills.  Not only are webinars convenient, but they typically use the best minds in the business to educate audiences about writing.


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Writing Courses – 5 Webinars to Help Authors Improve Their Craft
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