Writing a book is hard. This is a fact most authors will admit. And the process isn’t always fun. Most of the time it is an uphill battle – a struggle that you can do little more than hope that it will produce rewards equivalent to your efforts once you finally complete your draft.

If you have a true passion for writing, then the chances are high that you are more miserable not writing than you are facing the horrors that writing tends to present. There have probably been and will continue to be times in your life where writing is simply too much to deal with, making you wonder why you ever chose to pursue the activity in the first place.

For most authors, the key to not only improving their craft but finding the joy in their work is to take a break. So don’t give yourself a hard time if you take some time off – after all, it isn’t always procrastination; it can even be productive.


As an author trying to write a book, sometimes the best thing you can do is to stop writing. Forcing yourself to slog through the difficulties of writing a book may sometimes be effective.  However, doing so rarely produces the results most authors expect.  ChatEbooks lists down some factors and reasons that should compel every writer to take a break from writing every once in a while.

Sometimes You Need to Regain Objectivity

If you spend enough time writing a book, you can become so invested and engaged in your work that it will become impossible for you to view it with any notable objectivity. Taking a break will allow you to come back to your work with a clear mind and a new perspective.  By putting some distance between yourself and your work, you can approach it with fresh eyes.

Sometimes You Need to Regain Focus to Prevent Exhaustion

Writing a book is an extremely taxing activity. Once you start losing focus or become bored with the sound of your own “voice”, you’re burning out. You would be surprised by the number of would-be authors that never quite achieved their dreams because the burnout compelled them to drop their projects. Spend too much time writing and you will so thoroughly exhaust your mind and body that simply dropping the entire project will appear far more appealing than the apparent torture.  

Sometimes You Need to Get Away from the Madness of Your Own Life

Some authors like the solitude that writing a book affords them. Most authors spend so much time writing away from the presence of other people that they completely withdraw from life in general.  It is therefore a good idea to put your pen down every once in a while and live your life. Go out and do more living and less thinking. Go traveling, reconnect with old friends, enjoy the sunshine, and find a way to rejoin society. You might be surprised by the new and refreshing perspective this will give you.

Sometimes You Need to Catch Up on Your Reading

Great writers are great readers. The best authors will tell you that they take considerable portions of time out of their writing schedules to read, catch up on their favorite authors and even discover new material. Read the books of writers whose work is different from yours. Listen to other voices and get lost in other people’s minds for a while.

Sometimes You Need to Change Your Writing Pace

Adjusting your writing pace if you’re not on a deadline is perfectly fine. In fact, it’s best that you know your own pace so you can meet your deadlines and make sure you have enough time to get things done. Nothing’s wrong with cutting back your workload when you need to. If you’re killing yourself to maintain a certain pace or productivity level, your quality of work will suffer and this is not an option.

There are few other careers in the world that are as rewarding as writing a book. However, any author that wants to keep their joy must, at some point during any writing process, make the difficult decision to put their pen down.  The benefits, especially the peace of mind and the impact on the quality of one’s writing, are worth it!


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Writing a Book - Why Authors Should Put Down the Pen on Occasion
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