When you ask readers “Out of the books you’ve read each year, how many do you consider re-readable?” – how do you expect them to respond? Two, three or maybe four books? The truth of the matter is, the best books are more than just hours of forgettable entertainment. The best books are the re-readable ones which will stick with you for the rest of your life.

On the other end of the spectrum, when you ask any professional author what they are trying to achieve every time they’ve made an attempt at writing a book, the majority of them will emphasize re-readability over anything else. There is something flattering about knowing that you’ve written a book so mesmerizing that your readers must come back to it several times over to get the satisfaction they desire. Of course, it is one thing to strive for re-readability. It is another thing to actually accomplish this task.


Don’t discount the power of the re-readability factor. Any individual that has ever undertaken the process of writing a book has asked themselves the question “what makes a book re-readable?” There is no one answer. Rather, various factors must come together to make a book so enticing that it merits multiple readings. ChatEbooks lists down 5 things that make a book re-readable.


The best books have the best characters. To be specific, the best books start and end with the characters. Often times, people will re-read books not because they find the plot so enticing but rather they cannot bring themselves to part with the characters – a strong bunch of people they’ve grown to love.

Some authors have a way of creating characters that are so entertaining that you cannot help but desire to spend more time with them. And when there are no more books to read in a given series or story, all you can do is go back and re-read those other books within which you first met them.

It isn’t easy to create characters that people cannot bring themselves to part with when writing a book. If you do succeed in doing so, then you can congratulate yourself for accomplishing a goal few authors can boast of.


The best books not only have the best characters but they tug at the heart strings of their readers. It wouldn’t be erroneous to suggest that the most re-read books in history also have the biggest emotional punches which can make you cry or laugh. There is also something about human beings that compels them to seek out tragedy in literature. People will always flock towards those books that made them feel the strongest (either positively or negatively), and they typically re-reading these books to recreate such emotional experiences.  In summary, the best books are worth re-reading because they provide the “entertainment factor” that other books lack.


Some books are just beautifully written. Some writers have such a way with words when writing a book that you cannot help but return to their books frequently to bask in their glory. It’s the same concept as one hanging a painting on their wall in order to expose themselves to the awesomeness of its artistic creation. Such books like “Ater Dunkirk” have that same way of enchanting readers – pulling them back every time for the promise of a haunting experience delivered by uniquely constructed sentences.


One of the most attractive elements of some of the best novels in history is the depth they can sometimes bring to the table. Some books have so many complex layers that each time you re-read them, you glean new information. There are authors who make a deliberate effort to insert mini-stories within their overarching plot when writing a book.  By doing this, they provide their audience the opportunity to peel back the layers each time they re-read their books.  Their objective is to make each reading experience as unique and refreshing as the first time they read the book.


When writing a book, aim to accomplish more than merely delivering plot twists and surprises.  Try to also make promises to the readers early on in their books and to do deliver on these promises. This is often where satisfaction comes from. Readers remember books that build upon their anticipation and satisfy their every expectation in the long run. They will re-read these books to marvel at the quality of the literary work, along with experiencing this same level of satisfaction over and over again.


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Writing a Book – 5 Things That Make an Author’s Book Re-Readable
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