Pretty much everyone is blogging these days; it’s a fast, convenient, and fun way of getting your message out into the world.

If you love books and blogging, then a book blog is the perfect way to combine both your passions. But it takes a lot of hard work to write a successful book blog. With so many people already running immensely popular blogs, getting your blog to stand apart from the crowd and get notice may seem like a daunting task.

However, don’t let that thought get you down as there a lot of ways through which you can get your book blog to get noticed.

Choose an Interesting Name

Pick a name that speaks to your audience; something that is catchy and relates to what your blog will be about. Make sure to pick a name that is not already being used, or if it has any variations. Otherwise, your blog can end up getting confused with someone else’s!

Choose a Popular Platform

You can either write your reviews and blogs on a paid or a free blogging website. If you’re a beginner blogger, try a free website to get the hang of things and see how it goes. Right now, the two most popular sites are WordPress and Blogger.

Choose a Theme and Design

Choose a theme and design that reflects what your tone and blogging style will be. You can choose playful and fun or you can opt for serious and no-frills. But most importantly, make sure it has easy readability and is also easy to navigate. Employ fonts and designs that are easy to read.

Write an ‘About You’ Section

Writing an informative yet creative ‘About You’ section will allow your readers to get to know you better and relate to your content more. You can write a little something about yourself and what the purpose of your blog is.

Form a Review Policy

Book bloggers tend to get a lot of requests from various authors and publicists to review their books, even new bloggers. So, you need to have a review policy in place in order to decide what your blog will feature. Will you let authors do guest blog posts? What about interviews? Decide everything beforehand.

A Rating System

Many book bloggers have a rating system in place that gives the readers a quick idea of whether or not the blogger liked the book. Perhaps you can have a 0/10 numbered rating system or a 0/5 starred rating system for your book blog.

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Ways to Get Your Book Blog Noticed
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