Rhonda Jackson Joseph

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Rhonda Jackson Joseph was born in Richmond, Texas, in 1971. Her earliest foray into writing was during junior high school when she produced numerous romance short stories in which she and her best girlfriends were the heroines. The stories were circulated and garnered quite a following. Thus, she found that romance writing came rather natural to her.
Her focus shifted toward horror writing when the elevated hormone levels in her body during pregnancy brought on terrifying nightmares during the scant hours she could find sleep. The dreams demanded to be placed on paper, and she hoped they would then be exorcised. To no avail, as they never completely disappeared. In fact, they multiplied.
Rhonda is a member of the steering committee for the annual National Black Book Festival in Houston. She earned her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University.
Rhonda currently lives in Pearland, Texas, with her four children. She is currently working on several other novels and a screenplay, all while teaching English courses to college students. When she's not writing or teaching, she can usually be found wrangling kids or reading way more than she should be.

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