John Harrison

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John Harrison is a talented fiction writer that has the remarkable ability to convert even the most mundane occurrence into something fantastic, no matter the setting or environment. His writing, though not prolific, is not monogamous to any one genre.
He can regularly be seen watching events transpire around him with a thoughtful, and often playful, expression glued to his face.
All of his works can be found where ever fine books are sold, but may also be purchased online and in some of the seedier book dealers as well.
He has two series available for perusal and is working on several stand alone projects because an author cannot live off of the idolatry of a few series.
Current Works:
Fantasy Series Novel
Shadow Saga
Shadow Dance
Shadow Flight - Soon to be released
Poetry Series
Whispers Through the Veil
The Poetic Reality of Love and Loss
The Poetic Philosophy of Thoughts and Inspiration
The Poetic Sounds of Lyrics and Stories

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