Harmony Stalter

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After losing my job in the architectural drafting field and discovering the local music scene in 2006, I embarked on a career change and have never looked back. I have always been a writer of sorts. I write down thoughts, poetry, and just stories that seem to come from nowhere. Being that I love writing so much, I decided on making a career out of it. Since starting my new career, I have written for a local music magazine called Music Entertainment Magazine and have since moved on to writing for All Access Music Magazine as well as Man-Up Magazine, Session Magazine and Examiner.com. Combining my love for writing with music and the local music scene only seemed like a natural thing to do.
Since discovering my new career path, I have been writing on various other topics as well as continuing to write about music. I am in the process of helping to write a book called The Anomaly. Writing has always been my passion, my solace, my one true lover. It has never let me down or left me with a broken heart. To this day, even though I am working for magazines and writing a book, I still will write poetry, thoughts and stories that derive out of nowhere. The passion to write comes from within the very depths of my soul and runs rapidly through my veins. There isn't anything I won’t place pen to paper or key strokes to a keyboard over, just as long as I get to do it with the heart and soul I feel it deserves.

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