When writing a romance novel, you want yours to stand out from all romance eBooks that are available for readers to choose from. So how do you go about ensuring that your piece of work will quickly become a favorite? While there is no magic formula for you to strictly follow, there are a few tried and tested tips that have been proven to help authors produce quality romance novels that readers enjoy divulging in. Here are a few of those tips to keep in mind when sitting down to write your own romance novel.



Get Inspiration from Best Selling Romance Novels

Think back over all of the great romance novels that you have read in your life. What was it about those novels that made it impossible for you to put the book down? Was it the way the relationship was relatable? Perhaps the characters were so realistic you almost forgot you were reading a novel and not watching a real-life relationship unfold before your eyes? No matter what it was, figure out how you can model your own novel after those who have gone before you.

Make it Your Own Piece of Work

After you’ve figured out what it is about romance novels that draws you in, think about how you can incorporate those elements into your own story. Tell a story that only you can tell! Use personal experiences and interests to help give your story credibility and to fully develop different situations throughout your novel. Do the same for your characters, create characters that are realistic and relatable with realistic qualities and flaws.

Remain Consistent Throughout

What kind of romance novel are you wanting to write? Are you wanting a casual romance where two people fall in love over the course of the novel? Or do you want a more adult romance, filled with intercourse, mistresses, and romance? No matter what type you decide to write be sure to keep your tone, characters’ reactions and the level of explicitness appropriate and consistent throughout the entire novel. Switching it up can confuse readers and cause them to not enjoy your novel.

Keep Your Readers Interested

Don’t give away what is going to happen in your book during the first few chapters. Build suspense that will keep your readers turning the pages to find out what exactly is going to happen to the characters? Are they going to fall in love and stay together? Is the spouse going to find out about the affair? Get your readers hooked early on, and keep them hooked till the very last page. Set up a series of believable and realistic obstacles that your characters must overcome. But don’t use too many obstacles, otherwise you risk losing the interest of your readers. The rule of three is a great formula to use in this instance; characters should try to resolve their conflicts three different times, only succeeding on the third and final try.

Reward Your Readers

Most people choose to read a romance novel for the wish fulfillment that is typically found at the end of the novel. That doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate sad moments, or keep anything bad from happening to your characters; your readers expect and deserve a huge emotional payoff at the end of the novel, and you as the author must deliver it to them.

Now that you know what it takes to write a romance novel that will supersede all romance eBooks currently available, you are set up for success. After writing your romance novel, the challenge of getting your novel into your readers’ hands begins. At Chat eBooks, authors are provided with the platform to self-publish and engage with their readers. If you are interested in learning how you too can get your romance novel published and out for everyone to enjoy, check out Chat eBooks today!    


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Tips for Writing a Good Romance Novel
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