With video content already proving to be such a popular medium for delivering information, indie authors have every reason to adopt Facebook Live for their book marketing purposes. Facebook Live has garnered considerable popularity over such a short period of time This is because people are quickly identifying the numerous benefits that it has to offer.


Whether indie or traditionally published, most authors agree that social media has helped redefine book marketing. At the same time, social media has allowed authors to further create and strengthen ties with their audience. And, with the multitude of social media platforms available, it is probably Facebook that most authors turn to the most. However, Facebook has evolved in such a way that simply copying and pasting generic posts to 20 or more Facebook groups will no longer result in an increase of book sales.  But, luckily, there is a better way.


Tips on How to Use Facebook Live When Marketing Your Book

Book marketing isn’t necessarily hard.  Especially not in a day and age filled with so many tools designed to simplify the process. More often than not, indie authors simply need a willingness to experiment with new marketing tools. Add to that the determination to persevere through the hard times. Enter Facebook Live…

Facebook Live was created by Facebook in 2016 to help users broadcast real-time videos. This is primarily because people are quickly identifying the numerous benefits that Facebook live has to offer.  With video content already proving to be such a popular medium for delivering information, indie authors have every reason to adopt Facebook Live for their book marketing purposes. ChatEbooks lists down some ideas on how you can use Facebook Live to your advantage:


Post Updates

Facebook Live allows you to hop in front of the camera at any time and have interactive discussions with your readers about the books you are writing and even those you intend to eventually write. When experimenting with Facebook Live, it only makes sense to use the tool to deliver regular updates about your books. You can do cover reveals, upload book trailers, host podcasts and even solicit reader input. All-in-all, with Facebook Live you can maintain contact with your readers every single day of the week. And at the same time, deliver any necessary updates that pertain to your writing and publishing activities. Your readers will appreciate being kept in the loop about your actions and plans.


Host Interviews

Facebook Live is also a great tool for hosting interviews as part of your book marketing efforts. Of course you can just as easily receive and answer questions via postings and messages using Facebook’s standard features. But Facebook Live allows your audience to interact with you in a more intimate setting. You can schedule special broadcasts where you can entertain questions while you answer them live as they come in. I can’t think of a more effective way to connect with your readers than allowing them to dig into every aspect of your career as a writer.


Offer Advice

Most indie authors do not know what it means to maintain a presence on social media. Once they deliver all the necessary updates about upcoming projects, their pages usually go silent. As an indie author, you need to regularly post content in order to engage fans and, in the process, maintain a presence online. Facebook Live makes this possible without having to scramble for interesting content to post. You can simply host live broadcasts that present your followers with helpful information or writing advice. Tell them about your writing process, offer tips, and avail publishing advice. Providing this type of video content that will keep your Facebook following interested in you and everything you have to offer.


Sneak Peek

Readers are often curious about how writers go through the creative process – so show them. Use Facebook Live to give audiences access to your life. Get a smartphone, plant it on your writing desk and talk your readers through the writing process while they watch you work. Take them around your home. Take them along with you the next time you go to the beach. Broadcast snippets of your life on a regular basis. Doing so will attract curiosity while nurturing intimacy. And once people reach a place where they think they know you, it will be that much easier for them to buy your books.


Some final tips – When using Facebook Live, always plan for broadcasts. Your audience needs to know when to tune in for your videos. Also, avoid making it a one-man show. If all you ever do is switch the camera on and talk, you will eventually get monotonous. So make an effort to change things up every once in a while. And do not forget to interact with your audience. If you regularly include live streaming as a component of your book marketing efforts, you’ll harvest a community of loyal fans who will look forward to reading everything you write.


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Tips on How Authors Can Utilize Facebook Live for Book Marketing
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