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Top Niches Attract Sales

Lead marketing experts tell us you can’t write what you want, you need to write what people want to read. This may be a little disheartening for some but the reality is the online ebook market is cutthroat competitive and if you don’t follow the basic principles it’s going to be a long hard uphill battle that could cost you an arm and a leg. People buy digital books online they WANT to read. They aren’t going to buy your book just because it’s a good book. Sad but true. I better rewind a little and make sure we are on the same page.

What’s a Top Niche?

A top niche is essentially the place you want your book to live. It’s a category or theme where there is high demand and the books that are in this category are making money. It’s where you will find the readers willing to buy the books in this particular theme. For example, The Dash Diet and the Mediterranean Diet are two top niches that are HOT right now in the diet book category on ChatEbooks. You do need to be careful though because top niches change like the weather. What’s good today may be bottom of the barrel in another month.

Top Secret Note – There are plenty of online software tools that will help you find good niches to write in. Just make sure the one you choose is updated regularly to keep you on the cutting edge.

What’s a Micro-Niche?

According to a micro-niche is a topic that’s narrow and specific. So when you are writing ebooks your niche may be Health and Wellness, but your micro-niche could be Cross-Fit Training.

The most successful books online are in excellent micro-niches. It’s where you want to be because you are writing about a popular hot topic. And within this topic or area you’ve found something unique and specific that has just enough competition to increase the demand for books in this micro-niche. These specialty spots are not easy to find but with enough research you will pull them out of the woodwork. People that buy digital books online gravitate towards focused niches, so make sure that’s where your books are!

Most ebook writer’s start off thinking all they’ve got to do is write a half decent book and they’ve got it made.


You can be a fantastic writer but if you aren’t writing about specific topics people want to read about, you and your book will quickly sink to the bottom of the deep blue sea with a cut on your arm and an entourage of famished testy sharks lurking nearby.

E-Books Rarely Sell Outside of Top Niches!

TAKE ACTION – Here are a few sites that will help you in your quest for top-selling niches:

* (Scour the Forums)

* (Best Sellers) says there is currently over 33 billion books for sale on Amazon! So when people are looking to buy digital books online, unless you’ve got a flashlight and you’re sitting pretty in a top niche, online buyers will just pass you by.

Now go find your top niche and get noticed!


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The Importance of a Good Niche
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