“What’s going to happen next?” This is the question you want to leave your readers with. If you are writing a series, it is not only important that you write your book with enough suspense. It is also imperative that you leave your reader wanting more. This is especially true for young adult (YA) readers.  


Sustain Reader Interest When Writing a Book Series

As technology advances, ebooks have continued to grow in popularity for young adults.  Therefore, you must master the art of creating content with enough sparks, bells and whittles to engage the interest of a young adult audience. ChatEbooks lists down a few tips on how you can sustain reader interest when writing a book series.

End with a Cliffhanger

One of the easiest ways to sustain reader interest is to end with a cliffhanger.  A cliffhanger is an ending that leaves your audience wanting more.  You’ll see this tactic most commonly used in a TV series.   Who doesn’t remember the cliffhanger “who shot J.R.” in the popular 1980s television series Dallas?  This is the type of suspense you want to create for your young adult readers. The ending to your book can be dramatic such as a murder or a suicide. Or it can be more suspenseful like a prison escape or the reunion of a mother and her abandoned child. Just make sure you select an ending that compels readers to buy your next book.

Real and Likable Characters

Another tip to entice young adult readers in your book series is to make your characters interesting, real and likable. Try to create characters that your audience can connect and identify with.  In this way, your readers will ultimately fall in love with the characters in your book. You can create a personal experience for your readers so they’ll ultimately have a hard time parting with your book.   

Interesting Plot

Make the overall plot of your book interesting.  It is essential that you avoid placing boring stuff in your book. If it does not drive the story forward, it should be omitted. Avoid writing a book with an old trope that’s been used over and over.  Writing about the all too familiar “boss-secretary romance” should no longer be attempted. This, unless you have a killer unique twist of an ending that’s never been told before.  In order to stand out from others in the writing industry, you must create fresh material that isn’t trite.

If you want to have success in selling ebooks for young adults, it is vital that you sustain their interest in your work. Make it your goal to create a suspenseful cliffhanger, develop likable characters that your readers can relate to, and avoid placing things that may be perceived as boring in your book.  These tips can help create a page-turning book series that will engage and sustain the interest of your YA readers.


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