Writing a book isn’t just about typing words onto a page. You also need to be able to organize, format and structure your work so that it’s clear, precise and readable. And different writers need different aids depending on their writing style and personal preferences. Thus, the criteria used to select software for writers will obviously vary with each author.


7 of the Best Softwares for Writers

Microsoft Word is the common default software for writers these days because it’s pretty straightforward and easy to use. However, it is in no way the only option of writing software available on the market today. There are other choices that offer editing capabilities and equally claim an ease of use. However, budgetary constraints are also going to play a part in the process of selecting writing software. Fortunately, software for writers varies widely, appealing to authors of all budgetary limitations. ChatEbooks lists some of the most impressive software for writers on the market today.



Many people consider Scrivener as the “big daddy” of writing software. It helps authors gather everything they need to write in a single place, from images, notes and even web pages. Scrivener organizes your resources in a manner that makes it easy to view and review them for your writing project.

Unlike Word, Scrivener is designed specifically for writers. It allows writers to keep multiple files at their fingertips, all in one handy master source file. More than the writing and editing features, Scrivener shines because of how easy it is to use. As a writer, you will benefit from having one of the most organized workspaces around.


FocusWriter is a free writing program that actually satiates the needs for which it was created. This software for writers is best suited for mobile devices.  FocusWriter eliminates distractions by giving you the power to hide all those apps that might sidetrack you. In other words, FocusWriter will keep you off Twitter long enough for you to actually write.


SmartEdit eliminates the hassles involved with learning to use new software. It primarily works to customize your word processor and transform it into a creative writing tool. You can add this tool to programs like Microsoft Word. SmartEdit gives you access to advanced editing capabilities like the ability to identify clichés in your manuscript. 


This free software for writers helps you maintain proper organization. It’s very basic and boasts a user interface free of all the bells and whistles found in most other writing programs. WriteMonkey makes it very easy to perform basic tasks such as highlighting syntax and making outlines. You can use this software to pursue a variety of writing projects, from blog posts to print publications. You can format, annotate, classify and make links with ridiculous ease using this simple but powerful software.


Designed by author and programmer Simon Haynes, yWriter is the quintessential organizer for writers. It allows you to see your scenes, chapters, characters, settings – all at a glance. yWriter breaks your writing into chapters and then further into workable chunk-sized scenes and keeps a tab on where everything is.


Not only is this software as easy to use as Scrivener, but it also brings a number of advanced features to the table. For instance, the program has a character tab that allows you to outline a given character’s traits in great detail.  This handy capability ensures that you not only maintain consistency but that you also deliver more compelling character arcs. 

There are also tools for tracking timelines and viewing the different perspectives of your story.


This software doesn’t require a download or installation. You can use it through the official website, and it is as powerful an editing software as they get. Once you upload your writings, your work will be exposed to a battery of highly comprehensive tests which ensure that your work is up to par. And ProWritingAid looks at everything from sentence length to pacing and dialogue tags. It is the editing companion you need to give your writing projects that added spark. You can also use this program as an add-on with other writing programs like Word and Scrivener.

Today, authors are a little spoiled for choice when it comes to software for writers. There are more writing programs for authors to indulge than ever before. Of course, not all of these programs may be as effective as they claim.  Therefore you should try out the demos and take each for a test drive before committing to using them.  This way you’ll be able to determine which is best suited for your own personal needs and preferences.


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Software for Writers - A List of 7 Easy-to-Use-Programs for Authors
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