The power of Instagram should not be ignored when book marketing is concerned. With over 300 million users a month, Instagram can play a huge role in your book marketing efforts. Instagram marketing is all the rage today. It would be a waste to miss out on all the benefits this trend has to offer.

When you think about networking and social media platforms, indie authors usually turn to Facebook, Twitter, blogging and even podcasting. But what about Instagram?


Tips on How You Can Use Instagram When Marketing a Book

Instagram doesn’t always make sense to indie authors, especially when it comes to book marketing. After all, Instagram is all about pictures. So it’s easy to see why an author, who is all about words, might fail to understand the benefits of using Instagram where marketing a book is concerned.

However, the power of Instagram should not be ignored. With over 300 million users a month, Instagram can play a huge role in the success of your book marketing efforts. In fact, Instagram marketing is all the rage today, and you would be remiss to miss out on all the benefits this trend has to offer.  ChatEbooks lists down some reasons why you should take advantage of Instagram marketing.

Instagram is a Book Bloggers Hub

As an indie author, you should understand the impact a review, even a bad one, can have on the visibility of your book. You should also have an idea of just how difficult it can be to get your book reviewed. By using Instagram as a book marketing tool, you have the potential to reach thousands of people who already have an expressed interest in reading and reviewing books – book bloggers. Just begin your Instagram marketing by following as many book bloggers as you possible can. If you follow enough book bloggers, who in-turn follow you back, you increase the chances that one or more will take notice and review your book.

A Platform for Self-Promotion

The objective of most Instagram book marketing efforts is to spread the word about your book and, hopefully, reach out to a new and a more diverse fan base. And if you want your efforts to be successful, you can’t be afraid to promote yourself and your book. The key is to promote tactfully so that you don’t overwhelm or alienate some of your followers. So determine a modest posting frequency (e.g. two times per day) and the peak hours with the best audience visibility.  Then make a point to consistently post information about you and your book.

Connect with Audiences

One of the most difficult elements of book marketing is actually getting people to notice and engage you. But that is what makes social media platforms like Instagram so powerful. They provide indie authors access to hundreds of millions of people around the world, segregated by hobbies, interests, careers, and the list goes on. So don’t just throw a bunch of pictures their way, use this access to actually interact with people.

Try engaging your audience by holding contests, offering your books for free or getting feedback on book cover options.  Create and post visual content that will inspire. Deliver messages that can educate and entertain. Ask questions that pertain to their interests. Find creative ways to make the information about your book attract as much dialogue as possible. Ultimately, you want to show your audience that you are interested in communicating with them and listening to their feedback. It is very easy to promote your books and even attract the interest of reviewers when you have an attentive audience of thousands.

A Glimpse of the Real You

The easiest way to gain fans as an indie author is to show them who you are, and Instagram makes this remarkably easy. Consider posting some pictures of yourself and your real life. You don’t need to show anything embarrassing, although that might endear people to you. Just provide an inside look into your life – your most recent vacation, how you spent your weekend, your hidden talents or your adorable pets. Show readers that you are no different from them and that you are happy to invite them into your world. Doing so will not only help you build a following, but it will also sustain an interest in the continual support of you and your work.

Follow Other Authors

Instagram also allows you to connect with other authors. If you are a new author, follow more experienced authors to gain insight from them. But be cautious of looking desperate, and refrain from asking for favors. Just be friendly and honest. Take note of the things they are posting and their methods of interacting and engaging their following.  Your primary objective is to gain as much insight as possible into their strategies as successful authors. Networking with other authors can be eye-opening and present you with opportunities you may not have otherwise come across.

Book marketing is an ongoing and varied task, so it’s good to take advantage of as many outlets as possible in order to increase your chances of success.  Though marketing on Instagram isn’t new, some indie authors are not embracing it fast enough.  Just pull up a YouTube video, learn the basics and jump in.  You may be pleasantly surprised by its ability to increase your fan base in a relatively short period of time.


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Simple Ways Indie Authors Can Use Instagram for Book Marketing
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