Modern book publishing comes with a wide array of opportunities for budding authors. Self-publishing is one such opportunity that has completely revolutionized the book industry. Nowadays, many authors choose to self-publish their books as the process is speedy and options for marketing these books are also immense. However, the path to becoming a successful self-published writer may not be as easy as it seems. There are big and small hurdles that you are likely to experience while publishing.


5 Guidelines for Self-Publishing Success

In order to minimize these hurdles and help you to successfully self-publish your books, ChatEbooks has come up with five easy guidelines that’ll surely work wonders. Have a look.

Come up with an innovative USP

USP or the unique selling point is the backbone of self-publication. This is one of the most integral elements that your publication needs. In simpler words, when you describe your book uniquely in a short sentence it turns out to be your USP. This not only helps in publication but also makes your book easily marketable. Your USP can be on any specific method of training, on your chosen subject or any other area of the book. Try to come up with a punch-line that’ll make your book stand ahead of others. The goal is to try to be different from the rest.

Get your book proofread by a team of experts

Nothing can be worse than a book full of grammatical glitches and typos. So, in order to successfully self-publish a book, you will have to ensure that it is aptly proofed by a team of experts. Enlist a team of expert proofreaders who’ll look over each chapter individually. This will minimize the scope of errors and make your book even better. If you get your book read a couple of times before the publication, it’ll have unbelievably remarkable results. This is an extremely significant step, so don’t be prideful. Ask your proof readers to be critical and thank them for any constructive criticism they provide.

Actively promote your books on social media

Social media is an integral part of our lives. So if you’re planning to promote your book, nothing can work better than marketing it on social media. Post some intriguing snippets of your book on Facebook, Twitter, hangouts and other popular social media sites. This will immediately capture the attention of your prospective readers, thereby taking your book closer to success.

Market your book with online videos

Online videos have and even better effect than social media. They are worth a million words. On top of that, readers always love it when their favorite authors talk about their books in a personalized video. So instead of typing a long blog post, shoot a short and sweet video. Videos are easy to watch and are more likely to be shared by friends and family.

Be Yourself

This is the most essential factor that you have to keep in mind while self-publishing a book. Do not get influenced by anyone else. Be who you are and make sure a part of ‘yourself’ is reflected in the book.

Well, hopefully we’ve given you some pointers that will make your self-publishing process a little less daunting. Follow these guidelines and successfully self-publish your book right away. Good luck!!!


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Self Publish Your Way to Success: 5 Effective Guidelines to Consider
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