If you love to write and want to display your writing skills to the world, then the easiest way to do it would probably be to publish e-books. You should look for some important attributes when choosing a site to publish an e-book. Here are some tips for you:


  • Firstly, the site should offer a trial session of a certain period for the author to get accustomed. The site should be easy to navigate and work with because one of the benefits people look for is saving time. A trial session could help the author in getting to know his readers better too.
  • Secondly, you should choose a site which is economical. Many sites provide yearly memberships for less than ten dollars. Also, there should be no additional costs.
  • For an author who writes frequently it is best to go with sites that give the option of unlimited uploads of e-books.
  • Furthermore, the author must be able to choose whatever pricing he wants for his book.
  • Transparency is a key factor to look for in a site. You should be able to monitor your book sales at any time.
  • Furthermore, you shouldn’t have to wait for revenues when your books are sold. A good site would provide immediate revenues when the books are sold.
  • Moreover, author must be satisfied with the site and its presentation. There should be professional marketing provided by the site for better sales of your e-books.
  • You must receive newsletter from the website if they have a new offer or are making some changes.

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