Writing online books is absolutely doable provided that emotional connection is established to capture your target audience’s attention. If you don’t find a way to do this, you will have a tough time penetrating the digital book world. A Trusting Digital Books Crowd Listens


Create a Relationship with Your Audience

If you don’t make some sort of emotional connection with your audience they will stray. Or for emerging authors the world won’t know you even exist. Just to give you an taste of what your magical fingers are getting yourself into – the Queen of online books, Amazon, which holds up to 65% of world-wide digital sales, reports over 33 million books for sale and 1.3 million of them are digital! If you don’t find a way to capture the attention of your target audience you will have a tough time finding your way to the surface; swimming in a pool of millions of shiny aggressive whitefish.

FIRST STEP – You’ve got to work on establishing a relationship with your reader so they will open the door for you and invite you in. Eventually you should expect them to knock on your door asking when your next masterpiece will be released. That needs to become your vision. For now, ChatEbooks suggests a few practical strategies to help you build a solid trusting relationship with your readers.

Recognize How to Speak to Them

DO NOT try and write the way you think the audience wants you to write. Just be you and let yourself through. It’s YOUR voice the audience wants to hear. And if you try and become someone else you’re sending a mixed message that surely won’t suit your purpose. KISS – Keep It Super Simple. Just be yourself, find your language and your voice and you’ll start connecting.

Understand How to Market to Them

Identify your target market with online books and go after them. Are you writing in fitness, health, animals, or spirituality? Zone in on exactly who you are trying to reach with your digital books. Find out where these people are hiding. Perhaps you will find them in a specific Facebook group or a book club that specializes in your niche.

The idea here is to expand your base and direct your online books to the right candidates. There is no use writing fantabulous children’s books and targeting an academic writing group that’s married to learning. Doesn’t mean you won’t find some loyal followers within but you are much better off passing out sample stories at Disney World! Besides that’s a lot more fun!

Discover How to Capture Their Undivided Attention

When you are looking to create a loyal audience with your digital books you need to show your readers you have something special to offer. This one is much easier said than done. Write about what you have knowledge in, what you are passionate about, and deliver your words to a solid base that wants to know more. Be daring and creative in finding your voice and confident but wary of how you deliver it.

Writing online books is absolutely doable and amazing but you need to make certain your digital books are capturing the attention of your intended audience first. Prove to them you are trustworthy and you are heading straight to the top of “Magnificent E-Book Mountain!”


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Online Books: Create a Relationship with your Audience
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