Book junkies generally love all types of book genres, never limiting their choices to just one. However, if you’re looking for a book to read but you’re not typically an avid reader, it can be hard to decide a starting point for choosing a book that will appeal to you.   


Most Popular Book Genres

In this day and age where ebooks are readily available online, there are a host of book genres to choose from that may spark your interest and entice your imagination. ChatEbooks lists down five of the most popular book genres among today’s readers, young and old.

Contemporary Romance

Contemporary Romance is the largest of all the romance novel subgenres, making up 41% of the books sales within its category.  The setting of these novels are reflective of the specific time frame when they were written, and they most often depict the customs of their time. Contemporary romance can be further classified into several subgenres such as: Contemporary Romantic Suspense, Baby Love, Medical Romance, Cowboy Contemporary Romance, Humorous Contemporary Romance, International Lovers, Love in the Workplace and Vacation Love. In a nutshell – if you’re into the mushy stuff, then contemporary romance is what you’ll want to seek.

Classic Literature

Classic Literature most often expresses some type of artistic quality, such as beauty or expression of life. This type of book genre stands the test of time, as it is most often considered to be a representation of the time period in which it was written. It has a certain universal appeal that references the themes understood by readers from a wide range of backgrounds and levels of experience. If you like the feeling of being connected through the basic human emotional responses of love, hate, death, life, and faith, then look no further than classic literature.  

Young Adult

The Young Adult book genre specifically appeals to those who are between the ages of 12 and 18. This genre is usually consistent with the age and experience of the main character. Many novels in this category focus on specific challenges that young adults face. Themes in this genre vary from lighthearted (e.g. friendship, love, money) to heavy (e.g. identity, sexuality, suicide, alcohol abuse). If you’re seeking advice on various social issues either for yourself or a loved one, the young adult genre of books can provide education, guidance and insight on coping with just about anything.


The Horror/Suspense book genre is amongst the top hitters (in sales) in the reading community. One of the main characteristics of this genre is its ability to provoke a response — emotional, psychological, or physical. It has the capacity to frighten and startle readers by causing them to feel a sense of terror. If you love the thrill of being terrorized with hair-raising stories that send you in a paralyzing state of fear, then horror/suspense books are for you.

Erotic Literature

Erotic Literature focuses on human sexuality. Books in this genre contain both fictional and factual elements that have the power to cause the reader to become aroused. The erotica can take the form of novels, short stories, or poetry. Themes popular within this specific genre are prostitution and homosexuality.

Different book genres give readers a large collection of reading material to choose from. With so many ebooks for sale on the market today, it should not be hard to find a book that appeals specifically to your taste.


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