For a self-published author, marketing your book isn’t easy but it’s also not impossible. There’s so much you can do if you use the right tools at hand, and by that we mean social media.


Book Marketing Platforms

While the social media network may play host to a series of memes and over-exaggeration of news that shouldn’t get so much attention to begin with, that’s just a small fragment of the network. Thanks to platforms such as ChatEbooks, Goodreads, Instagram and Youtube, many authors have successfully marketed their books to countless readers. ChatEbooks presents four examples of how you can use these above networks to put together a marketing campaign.


While you could easily set up a YouTube channel yourself, you can’t bring in more people if you’re new to the field. Instead, reel in those YouTubers whose channels mainly focus on books. These individuals – known as Booktubers – converse with their audience on all things related to books.

Find someone who has a good following and send them an email, asking if they could review your book. If the genre and story appeals to them, they may say yes and give a review in the form of a video, though you’ll have to send them the book in print or ebook form.


There is an entire book community online that caters to book lovers. It’s also a platform that many readers and authors use to promote different books. If you have a book-targeted Instagram account, take every chance to promote your work and progress. If not, start.

Connect with other readers, reply to comments, send your book to beta readers – do all you can to engage with the crowd. If your book is well-written, other Instagrammers will promote your book.


GoodReads is an online website based entirely on books. Users review different books and connect with one another on their love (or dislike) of different books. However, this website also has a massive ARC section as well where you can present your books to beta readers. Goodreads – while limited – does offer benefits for authors so you can use it to garner positive reviews and more readers for your work.


The ChatEbooks community is dedicated to e-books. As a platform for all book lovers, many authors use the site to sell their self-published books to the community of readers. And since this site also allows authors and readers to engage in conversations, it also helps writers gain useful feedback and knowledge for their work. So far, ChatEbooks gives the most freedom to authors since it allows them to use the ebook marketplace to promote and earn revenue from their books without even spending as much!

The Bottom Line…

The modern age of online marketing has opened up a lot of doors for all creative individuals who want to present their writing to the world. All you need is the right guidance and you’ll be on your way to becoming a prominent author with a loyal fan following!


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The Modern Era Promotion of Book Marketing
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