While marketing ebooks effectively can boost drastically boost sales, the highly competitive nature of the writing industry makes book promotions a bit challenging. For this reason, it is essential that your promotional materials look polished and professional so you can stand out from the competition. This can prove to be a challenge to new authors who are uncertain of what kind of promotional materials are needed. In addition, designing and printing materials can be expensive making it hard to determine what types of promotions are worth parting with hard-earned money.   


Promotional Materials that Will Help Boost Ebook Sales

Authors should have a clear understanding of the need and purpose for various promotional items. Doing so will allow you to develop a strategic plan for marketing your book. ChatEbooks lists down some of the tried and tested promotional materials that can be effective tools when marketing your book.


Business Card

One promotional item that every author should have when marketing ebooks is a business card. You never know when you will run into a prospective reader, and a business card is the easiest and most affordable marketing piece you can utilize. Your business card should be well designed, and at minimum should include your name, a title, your website, phone number, and e-mail address. If possible, you may even want your card to include the cover of your book. This can be accomplished with a simple layout by placing your book cover on one side of the business card and your contact information on the other side. It doesn’t need to be fancy — just eye-catching and informative.


Bookmarks are another great promotional item that can ultimately boost your ebook sales. Bookmarks can be handed out at events, such as your book signing or at a book fair. Since you have more space to work with than you do with a business card, you can include more information such as the publisher’s name or a short review. If your budget allows, it is highly recommended that you make use of both sides of your bookmark. Your bookmark should be like a brochure that offers readers all the information they need.


Postcards are another effective tool that can be used by authors for marketing ebooks. Postcards can be economical and effective if you have plans of doing any kind of direct mail campaign. Not only is the cost for mailing a postcard typically less than it is for bulk mail, but the person who receives the postcard is more likely to actually look at it. Your postcards should include your book cover, ISBN number, a description of your ebook, a review, your publisher, your distributor, and your website. Keep in mind that with mailers you won’t have the same direct interaction as with handing out business cards or bookmarks. So you might want to invest a few more bucks for the fancy stuff to keep your postcards lingering a little longer on kitchen counters as opposed to the immediate “discard pile” during the mail sort.  

Promotional tools can be very effective when marketing ebooks. However, as an author you will get the most benefit from the investment you make when you use promotional materials in a strategic manner. By utilizing promotional materials that are well designed and include valuable information, you can be sure to stand out from others authors in the industry.


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