You have little to no hope of successfully marketing a book without mastering Facebook. Facebook has over one billion users worldwide and is among the top three most-visited sites in the US. So Facebook should be first on your list when putting together any online marketing plan for your book.



This can prove problematic for authors who have very little experience with using social media. If you are one of the myriad authors out there that are completely new to the world of Facebook, your first objective will be to build up your following on this social media platform. ChatEbooks shares some tips on how to use Facebook to your advantage:


Use Your Personal Account

Most marketing professionals will encourage you to create a dedicated author Facebook page for marketing a book. However, you should first consider simply using your personal account. Creating a whole new author dedicated page can be a hassle, especially for authors who are not familiar with Facebook. By using your personal account, you can rely upon your existing network of friends. Or, create a new fan base of readers or to at least spread the word about your writing activities. Seeding your community with people who know and trust you on social media simplifies the process of spreading your fame.


Facebook as a Social Media Hub

Just because you are marketing a book for the first time doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch with your Facebook and social media marketing campaign. You need to turn your Facebook account into a social media hub. This means linking every single account you have on every other social media platform to your Facebook page and vice versa. By doing this you’ll be able to take advantage of the fan base you have on other online outlets, websites and social media accounts by funneling their traffic to Facebook.


Organize Events

The key to gaining visibility on Facebook is finding creative ways of engaging with your audience. One of the most effective means of marketing a book on Facebook is hosting an event. Consider holding a contest that allows participants to win free copies of your books.  Giveaways are also especially popular. You can give away free copies of your book to new connections who have accepted/initiated a friend request.  Both giveaways and contests will provide your audience members, new and old, a reason to engage with you.


Grow Your Audience

Here is a little brain-twister for growing your audience: if you want more people on Facebook to pay more attention to you, find people in your industry that the Facebook community is already paying attention to and get their attention.  In other words, there are successful authors on Facebook who have already built up a substantial following of readers. Try engaging with them and giving these influential members of the literary community a good reason to notice you.  If you can catch their eye, then it’s a good chance that you’ll also raise an eyebrow or two amongst their following. This approach to marketing a book will allow you to, at the very least, capitalize off of the success of more renowned individuals in your field.


Stay in Touch with Your Readers

A lot of times marketing a book simply comes down to engaging your audience, and Facebook gives you a means of personally and effectively executing this task. Just make an effort to talk to your followers. You should post links to your blog posts, book releases, announcements, etc. on your Facebook page and make a point to respond to any comments that you receive [Side note: Try to avoid responding to negative feedback.  People who spend their time posting negative comments generally have nothing better to do, and they are NOT your target audience.  Time spent responding to their negativity is valuable time that you can never regain. So put your time to better use by only engaging those who are interested in what you have to say]. Also make an effort to interact on other people’s posts, produce educational and insightful content on a regular basis and share your family photos and videos. Social media exists to make social engagement possible; so engage.

Today, authors are expected to participate in the promotional elements of marketing a book, and Facebook is a great platform for doing just that.  Though building a strong following on Facebook may take some time, it’ll be well worth the effort when you’ve established a solid base of meaningful connections.


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Marketing a Book – 5 Ways for Authors to Get Noticed on Facebook
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