Truth be told, many writers aren’t sure about how they would market their first book.

Sure, people will try their best to tell you your odds. But if you follow through on the four details below, you’ll have greater chances of receiving positive reviews for your work, as well as a dedicated fan following.

Don’t Be Afraid to Improve Your Work

Books may be the most personal form of self-expression, but you need to have thick skin if you want to survive in the book world. While you could be a literary genius, there will always be someone better than you who will tell you what’s right and wrong.

Instead of feeling insulted, be open to suggestions and use every opportunity to learn and improve. Remember; constructive feedback and criticism is just that, constructive. It should be used accordingly.

Rome Was Not Built in a Day, Your Career Won’t Either

It takes time, patience and a whole lot of heavy breathing exercises to know if the public will like your work. An Author does not become best-selling writers overnight unless they already have a massive fan following; case in point, J.K. Rowling.

It takes time to get things right, to bring attention to your work, and to learn from your mistakes. Especially if you’re a self-published author, in which case, you must take time out and focus more on marketing on social media platforms, sending your books to bloggers with major fan followings.

Find a Legitimate Editor to Correct Your Work

Editing can make a big difference. As the writer, you might overlook critical mistakes, because they may seem correct to you. An editor can proofread, edit, and assist you in designing your book to make it a polished product.

Nothing screams amateur more than grammatical mistakes, typos and bad punctuation. You must present a professional image of your work; otherwise no one will give it a second glance, which also brings us to…

Judge Your Book by its Cover

Ironic yes, but majority of the world does judge a book by its cover, so you must too. You don’t want a bad Photoshop job to be the face of your book. Hire someone to create your cover and show the final product to different people (those you trust) before finalizing it. Get second and third opinions on whether others would buy it if they saw it online.

Bonus: Reduce the image to a thumbnail size and see if you can still make out what the cover conveys. That is how your audience will see it online. Make it noticeable.

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Marketing Your Book – 4 Things You Need as an Amateur Author
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