Libraries might be the most important facet of society ever invented. This is despite the fact that they are losing funding on an annual basis, so much so that the number of libraries around the world has begun to shrink at an alarming rate. In fact, politicians are working to remove or replace them as a means of saving money to finance “more important” programs.   They do not understand the powerful resource they are trying to eliminate from the community.  Libraries (and library activities) still have an important role to play in society.  



When was the last time you visited the library? If it’s been a while, you might be surprised at the new things it has to offer. The common argument that libraries are obsolete, costing too much money for almost no value, couldn’t be more false. Even in this age of information technology, libraries are still a powerful educational tool.  They are essential for the education of people from all walks of life, showing that libraries are here to stay. ChatEbooks lists down some reasons why libraries aren’t going anywhere.

Libraries are an Educational Hub

Libraries essentially level the playing field, allowing children and adults struggling under the weight of poverty to access resources that their well-off counterparts take for granted. There is a wealth of literary material waiting to be discovered in the shelves of the average library.  By visiting a library, disadvantaged readers can explore new worlds, learn about the potential awaiting them in the future and effectively prepare to compete on the job market.  These individuals might not have had such opportunities available to them without the resources made accessible by their local library.

In addition, libraries offer classes, seminars, resource centers, health workshops and even talks on starting a small business and more.  Such offerings afford visiting patrons programs to help them learn new skills and improve their lives.

Library Activities involve so much more than imply learning and studying

Libraries are an entertainment hub. They are spaces within which budget-friendly entertainments such as movie nights, sing-along concerts and several other events are hosted.  Individuals residing within the vicinity of their community library can easily participate in a variety of unique and diverse forms of entertainment.

For many poor and disadvantaged people, library activities provide them the only entertainment they can access, making it possible for these people to enjoy the creative works of others free of charge. Aside from books, you can also borrow DVDs and audio books – at absolutely no cost!

Most Library Activities today revolve around the internet, and for good reason

The common argument that libraries have been made obsolete by technology couldn’t be more wrong. The reason so many young people are flooding libraries today is because these spaces provide them the only free access to the internet they can ever hope to get. 

Libraries have integrated technology into their activities in an effort to provide their users access to an even wider offering of resources. They act as information technology hubs, places where the young and the old can access computers, learn to manipulate digital technology and take advantage of the powerful resource that is the internet. 

Libraries are Social Spaces

Libraries are a social gathering place where you can meet new people. Gone are the days when libraries were considered silent places where people went to converse with their own thoughts. Today, people flood libraries for the opportunity to talk to other people with shared interests.  Library activities such as language courses and book clubs bring like-minded persons together.

Libraries were designed to act as cost-effective sources of knowledge – allowing people to borrow books, DVDs and various other resources they might be unable to purchase for themselves.  Today, library activities provide a variety of other tools through which communities can come together for enlightening interaction.  With all of the benefits that libraries have to offer, I think they are here to stay – do you?


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