Successful book marketing requires finesse, especially when it comes to reaching out to the online community. If you want to make it as an author today, you need to create a website – an online headquarters of sorts through which you will not only engage with your loyal fans but reach new readers as well. And the key to having a successful website is creating a perfectly optimized landing page.  Your landing page should entice readers to not only further explore your website but to hopefully buy your book.


Creating Landing Pages

A landing page is nothing but a clean, elegant and attractive web page that immediately attracts readers’ attention on sight. The perfect landing page shouldn’t simply advertise your website and its contents to new visitors. Rather it should communicate valuable information about what you have to offer to a potential buyer and what they might gain when they make the purchase you desire. Upgrade your book marketing efforts by creating a landing page that will easily get readers’ attention by following these ChatEbooks tips.

Upload Videos

Videos are considered one of the most powerful tools you can use on your landing page. Videos allow you to provide crucial yet complex information to your audience within a short period of time. Authors can speak directly to their audience by making their offers clear and personally appealing to visitors. You can choose to include a book trailer video or even an “about the author” video on your landing page.  The idea is to create an effective shortcut for providing more information about you and your book.

Be Clear About Your Product

A lot of landing pages have a tendency to bombard audiences with information. You need to forget about the extraneous elements of your landing page and place special emphasis on your message and the product (book) you are looking to sell. What are you offering? How will your readers benefit from purchasing your offer? The answers to these questions are all most people care about. Few people have the time to scroll for several minutes on end, trying to discern the message in all the paragraphs, images and ads on your landing page. And when book marketing, it’s important that you do not include unnecessary links to other pages that lead your visitors away from your product. When it comes to creating a landing page, less is more. Get to the point. Put your book at the forefront and be brief about your pitch.

Call to Action

Every landing page needs a Call to Action, and book marketing-purposed websites are no different. Do not merely tell your visitors about your book. Tell them what you want them to do with that information. If your purpose is to get your readers to buy your book, then tell them as much and provide a clear link where they can make a purchase. The goal is to politely command visitors to act.

Mobile Friendly

Your landing page must be mobile friendly. It must be as easy to access, navigate and manipulate as possible on a mobile device. If a potential consumer thinks your landing page is a chore to use on their phone, they are unlikely to linger long enough to read your sales pitch. And if they can’t read your pitch, they most certainly will not buy your book.

Powerful Headlines

A powerful book marketing sales pitch must be complimented by a powerful headline. The headline is the first thing that people see when they visit a landing page. The right headline is not only easy to comprehend but it must use language that states the benefits readers will elicit from the landing page if they keep scrolling. Good headlines give visitors good reasons to stick around, and a good landing page needs a good headline.

Landing pages are an indispensable part of online marketing. The key to making it a successful part of book marketing is to create a landing page that’s simple and brief. A blurb of your story, a video and a cover of your book will do.  Most importantly, make sure to include a call to action that directs visitors to purchase the audio and/or paperback versions of your book. 


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How Authors Can Create a Landing Page for Book Marketing Purposes
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