As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube guarantees access to a global audience hungry for unique and engaging content. There is more to achieving book marketing success with YouTube than simply opening up a channel. On this platform, any author with a smart phone can engage with readers from all over the globe, touching the minds of audiences he or she will never meet.

How can YouTube help you market your book? If you are an indie author, then you have probably pondered this question at some point, primarily because video marketing has become extremely popular. Well there is good reason to turn to YouTube for your book marketing strategies. As the second largest search engine in the world, YouTube guarantees access to a global audience hungry for unique and engaging content.


Tips on How to Use YouTube When Marketing a Book

A lot of authors have no idea how to fit YouTube into their book marketing strategies. After all, there is more to achieving book marketing success with YouTube than simply opening up a channel. If you are amongst those struggling to understand the notion of using YouTube to market your book, ChatEbooks has the following ideas:

1. Author Bio

The first thing you can do to market your book on YouTube is to create a video about yourself. This may sound a little odd – putting your face out there instead of shining the light on your book. But you have to understand that book marketing is as much about marketing the author as it is about marketing the book. Think about it, book sales are all about connecting with readers, right? And if people know and trust you, they are more likely to buy your book. So before you can expect readers to use their hard-earned money to purchase your book, especially as an untested author, you need to let them know who you are.

Consider shooting an ‘About the Author’ video. Talk about your personal life, your interest, writing habits and the like. Let your readers get to know you. But refrain from creating a long, two-hour video about yourself, your kids and the nine lives of your cats.  Rather, make your videos short and sweet.   Release snippets about your life on a regular basis – continuously revealing new layers about yourself in each video.

2. Author Interviews

If you are an unknown author looking to promote a new book, it might sound ridiculous to hold interviews at such an early stage in your career. After all, why would people participate in such events when they have never read your book to begin with? Well the reasoning is quite simple. As the author of a book, you are also a writer who has accomplished his/her publishing goal.  That means there is more to you than your book. So just talk to people about your journey.

Give potential fans a chance to talk to you and pick your brain. Use your experiences, trials and tribulations to inspire them to strive for their own dreams.  You can take questions via social media and answer them in a recorded YouTube video; or you can live stream the whole thing and give readers a chance to directly interact with you. You can also host a Q&A session with other aspiring authors who will be eager to talk specifically about the writing craft. With YouTube, so long as you can prove that you are an expert at something, there are people who will be more than happy to engage with you.

3. Book Trailers

A book trailer is a visual and audio representation of a book and it is the most direct method of promoting a book on YouTube. It brings the book to life and gives the potential reader a sneak peek of the story. Book trailers have a way of generating excitement that a basic review, even one from a popular reviewer, cannot match.

Book trailers are especially effective for unknown authors because they are exciting pieces of imagery that are designed to entertain. And it doesn’t matter how many books you have written or if you have ever been published. So long as you can entertain viewers, you will attract traffic to your channel which, in turn, gives you a chance to convert curious visitors into loyal readers.

4. Readings

This might be the easiest book marketing approach for authors (especially unknown authors) to take when using YouTube to promote their books. Readings are popular because they give readers a bit of insight into what they can expect from a book, creating anticipation. And there is no better platform for carrying out readings than YouTube because the tool allows you to get your words into the ears of millions of people from across the world.

All you have to do is activate the camera and read a passage from your book. A thirty-second clip of reading is more than adequate to begin with. You can play around with the duration based on the feedback you obtain from each length of time you set for your videos (30 secs, 45 secs, 60 secs, etc.).  People usually have busy schedules and short attention spans, so it’s a good chance you’ll discover that the shorter your video is, the better response you’ll get. Ultimately, the simple action of producing short reading videos might be enough to create legions of followers for your channel.

5. Networking

If holding readings in front of the camera doesn’t sound especially proactive, you can always use YouTube to network. Reach out to well-known people on YouTube that exist within your field and use their popularity as leverage to increase your visibility. For example, find an especially well-known book reviewer that might be willing to interview you on their channel. Or reach out to a publisher’s podcast and see if they might be willing to partner with you with regards to creating content. Your overall goal is to find big names in the field of literature on YouTube and use their big names to make your own name big on the video platform.

All-in all, YouTube can be used as a fun and easy way of marketing a book.  On this platform, any author with a smart phone can engage with readers from all over the globe, touching the minds of audiences he or she will never meet. It’s definitely worth including as a part your overall book marketing strategy.

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How Authors Can Benefit From Using YouTube When Marketing a Book
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