The demand for e-books has grown exponentially over the past few years in the business sector, and for good reason.

E-books are a great way of promoting your business. Most companies provide comprehensive information on different aspects of their services to clients and investors who’re interested in their work.

By presenting this information in the form of an easily downloadable e-book, they’re not only making knowledge and expertise easily accessible, they’re also making it certain that the company is taking steps to converse and connect with their audience.

However, e-books for businesses should not be taken lightly. Written in a very different way than that of a regular genre e-book, these books tend to showcase the company’s professionalism. This means they require more attention to detail. Here are a few basic details so you can get the gist of it.

Why You Should Write E-Books

In simple terms, some reasons why companies should write e-books are:

  • They’re an inexpensive method of promotion
  • Unlike print books, these books can easily be distributed globally
  • Customers can access them in any corner of the globe
  • Length can vary; E-books can be short or long
  • They enhance customer loyalty, and bring in more customers who’re interested in the business
  • Thanks to smartphones, e-readers and iPads, more people are now reading e-books, which makes a lot more customers reachable
  • Details attained through customer sign-ups can be used for marketing analysis

Writing an E-Book – What Should You Write On?

Typically, when writing an e-book for a business, you need to focus on a topic that develops curiosity. For example, if a company sells poultry, they could offer a tell-all e-book on how their products are made, what’s involved, the machinery used etc. This would relate to your business and would convey your message to the customer as well.

Also, it’s crucial that the information in the e-book is accurate. For that, you either need to do a lot of research, or hire a writer to do so for you. Readers are quick to point out mistakes. Any mistake they do find, it will speak of your unprofessional attitude. This is why books usually go through a number of edits before we get the final version.

Promoting Your E-Book

There are several ways you could go about it. You could either offer it for free on your website’s blog. Or you could offer it up on e-book marketplace like ChatEBooks. Whichever platform you use, it will still bring in more customers, although with a marketplace, you’ll have a chance of reaching a wider audience.

Business e-books are a valuable and inexpensive way of marketing and promotion. Just be sure that when you start working on one, you know all the details – your audience, your tone, your subject – so that your book can garner the attention it needs.

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A Guide for Writing E-Books for Business
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