If you love the art of expressing your thoughts through words, then freelance writing may be the perfect profession for you. And with more people soliciting writers through the World Wide Web, freelance writing jobs online are numerous and easily accessible.  After all, what could be more rewarding then living out your passion in the comfort of your own living room, or better yet, while basking under the Jamaican sun?  


Freelance Writing Jobs to Look Out For

Building a writing career online gives you the best of both worlds!  You can work from anywhere in the world, for anyone in world, and all you need is a computer and a sound internet connection to get you started. ChatEbooks lists down a few online freelance writing jobs worth looking into:

Join freelance outsourcing websites

Freelance writing for outsourcing websites such as www.upwork.com and www.thewritelife.com can pay between $7.00 and $30.00 hourly or per project depending on your experience. As with any profession, if you’re an experienced writer you can command much more.  Generally, individuals soliciting on these sites are seeking ghostwriters to write articles for their blog or e-books on a variety of subject matters or topics.  Writing articles on topics selected by others may not be as much fun as writing about stuff you enjoy, but it’ll get you started towards building a name for yourself and prepare you for better writing opportunities in the future.

Submit articles to article websites

There are a lot of freelance writing websites out there like www.cracked.com that will allow your work to be seen by thousands of people. It’s simple – you submit an article (no experience necessary, just follow their format). If you get published, you get $100 and if your work becomes a top 10 article, you get an extra $100 bonus. If you get five articles published your rate goes up to $200 automatically.  Setting up an account is quick and easy and no one is rejected.

Join freelance writing websites

Websites like www.iwriter.com specialize in brokering freelance writing jobs.  How it works – Thousands of people submit requests for articles written on a variety of topics.  You choose the topics you want to write about, and you can write as many articles as you can crank out per day.  You’re rated from 1 to 5-stars on the quality of your work (5-stars being the best), and top-rated writers can earn up to $15 for every article written. Anyone over 18 can register and start earning money immediately.  

 Earn money editing

There are a lot of talented people out there who are great at freelance writing but not great with grammar and formatting. This can be a gold mine for you. On www.fiverr.com, you can find plenty of people who need your help and you’ll make $5 per article (not including fiverr fees). Don’t let small amount scare you.  You can actually make sizable earnings because of the high amount of individuals seeking editing/formatting services.  As the saying goes, “you make it up in bulk”. 

I’ve touched on a few sites that offer freelance writing jobs but this isn’t even close to being an exhausted list.  There are plenty of others out there that can help you jumpstart your career in freelance writing.  They key is to get out there online, get signed-up and get to doing what you love while making money in the process!   


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