Are You Non-Fiction or Fiction Material?

Patience and Practice Pays Off!

Instead of searching for your writing style maybe you should just let it find you! And the only way you can do this is to let down your guard, stop trying to define your writing, and let your fingers work their magic until one day your writing style finds you.

Your style isn’t something you can consciously create or force. At least not if you are destined to be a fabulous writer. There are people that are good at writing ebooks on relationships for instance. And there are people that are freaking AMAZING at creating eBooks on relationships.

Also keep in mind that style is never absolute!

Most writers have different styles depending on what they are writing. At least this is common with freelance writers. You may have a bland and somewhat boring style of writing when medical writing is on the agenda. However if you flip over to a fiction fantasy novel your finger’s are free to dream and reflect, create magic and bring the reader along for the ride. Two totally different styles of writing depending on the circumstance.

VIP – Writing Styles Evolve with Time

It’s important to always experiment and look to improve in whatever you do. So when you first start writing you may write in a very matter-of-fact tone, which is excellent for reports and technical writing.  However such a bland tone is not so hot if you were writing eBooks on relationships where your voice needs to be engaging and conversational.

ChatEbooks lists down a few pointers to get your head straight when creating your style…

*Your style evolves from voice, tone, and language

*Your voice is the personality you create –think of it form the audience’s ears

*Your tone includes syntax, sentence structure, and words used – reflect off it using your imagined audience

*Don’t choose a tone that takes too much effort – forcing a tone will feel artificial and unnatural

Once again it’s best for your style to find you!

It’s Also Important to Find Your Unique Voice

Your style must have rhythm in a space where you, the author, is in charge. Your voice is a part of your style and it’s something you need to develop. Your voice in writing is your personality and often naturally reflects off the real you.

Your brother may be a very serious guy that’s typically introverted, quiet and nerdy. As a writer his style will likely reflect these traits. And naturally he may do well creating SEO technical writing directed toward the expert technical level. Whereas your friend with a social and flamboyant mischievous nature, writing ebooks on relationships may suit her natural style best.

The bottom line is you shouldn’t rush finding your voice, your tone, or your writing style. Take the time to let your fingers work their magic and lead you to discovering your style. Don’t focus so much on the end result, your writing style, rather search for ways to experiment and strengthen your skills. Just keep writing and it won’t be long before style finds you!


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