There’s a common misconception that readers don’t like to talk, that we stay hidden behind our books, cut off from the world. In reality, readers are engaging and loquacious. We just don’t have a crowd to talk to, because we mainly want to either gush or rant about the books we read.

Now, if you’re nodding along in agreement, you know the best way to find your crowd is to simply form one; emphasis on ‘simply’. And for readers, it’s forming a book club. Not such a difficult concept. You just have to know how!

1. Make a Facebook Page for All to Join

It’s the easiest way to organize group activities. When starting a book club, establish a name and allow new users to join. Use it to schedule meet-ups and updates on which book you’ll read next. You can also make it private, but if you’re okay with more people joining in, keep the privacy on public.

2. Check Out ChatEbooks

After you’ve made your Facebook page, head over to ChatEbooks and tell others to join in as well. Readers can join in for free on this e-book marketplace so money won’t be an issue. Use the bookish site to present new books.

As a major site for e-books by new authors, you’ll have the chance to read books that haven’t been released to the major public yet, so that’s a plus.

3. Have a Set Moderator for Discussions

To run a fair online book club, there must be an official moderator who will have a list of pre-written and approved questions. Their responsibility is to keep the conversation on track and allow all participants to contribute fairly to the discussion.

4. Use a Simple Online Survey to Choose Your Next Book

Book clubs are all about equal discussion and representation. By that, all must choose equally for the next book to be read. Since you all can’t meet in person, use survey websites like Google Forms and customize it to include all book options.

Choose a genre from ChatEbooks, find at least 3-4 books that everyone agrees on, and list them in the survey. Once all members have voted, count.

5. Use Chat Forums for More than Just Meeting Dates

Chat forums are a great way to discuss more than just those meeting dates. Link author interviews, publisher posts, book trailers, booktuber videos and more. Chat forums are a great way to stay engaged with the people in your group. It also gives others the opportunity to talk about other books as well, aside from the book of the month.

And there you have it. Hopefully, this should be enough to help you on how to start a book club online!

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The Easy Way to Start a Book Club Online
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