If you have a social circle that includes a handful of bookworms, you might have also heard them often discussing the imminent death of physical bookshops. That’s true, but only for those bookstores that seem to lag behind in the digital revolution.

When online shopping offers so much—better prices, better variety and convenience—why would someone in their right mind go to a brick and mortar store to buy? Think quality, advertising and overall customer experience.

Innovative book stores are still working hard to change the whole customer experience to make it more personalized, immersive and unique. While as a bookstore owner, you might consider eBooks your enemies, but that’s a mistake on your part. In fact, both eBooks and physical books can work together to help you survive the digital transformation.

Here’s how you can give your customer experience a makeover and stay ahead of the game:

Think Digital

Often, independent book store owners avoid creating a digital presence because they feel they don’t need one. This is also because they confuse a digital presence with ecommerce.

Creating a digital presence means setting up social media profiles and making sure you are available online. Considering the fact that ‘Near Me’ searches have increased dramatically in the recent years, only if you are present online will you show up in these search results.

Digital Personalization

As a book store owner, you might think that your store cannot survive without book shelves and that’s true. But what if the shelves were tap-able screens?

Using kiosks or screens, you can turn the shelves into engaging experiences that use content and applications to create a journey, customers are willing to explore.

Setup The Perfect Digital Store

To survive this revolution, reinvent your bookstore. That’s the only way to make it. While setting up a digital presence and maintaining it is important, there’s a whole lot of other things you can do make your customers buy.

Think installing digital billboards, digital shopping windows, using VR and augmented reality and using 3D environments to create matchless experiences. With the range of digital tools available today, the possibilities are endless.

Another thing you could do is put up books on an online platform like ours. We help readers and authors connect, creating a user-friendly environment that works in both their favors. Whether its fantasy ebooks or eBooks for young adults, we have a wide range of categories where we can host your books and enhance your digital presence.

Set up an account with us and feel free to get in touch to learn more about our platform.

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How Customer Experience Plays a Role in the Future of Retail Bookstores
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