Countless downloadable ebooks make it hard for readers to determine which books are the best to read.  Therefore, as a book blogger, one of the most important features your blog should contain is a book review section.  Because readers consider book reviews as a reliable source of information about a book, the majority of book lovers rely on them when it comes to what books they want to read. It is therefore important that the reviews on your blog provide honest and reliable feedback for your readers.


Tips on How to Create a Ratings Scale

For diversity, your book review section should allow the reviews of books from other readers in addition to your own reviews.  As such, you’ll need to design a rating scale that’s easy for readers to follow – ChatEbooks lists down a couple things to consider when doing so.


Because rating scales are different in nature, one person’s perception of a rating scale may be different than another’s.  For instance, on one scale, one star may indicate that the reader hated the book while one star on another rating scale may indicate that the reader didn’t necessarily hate the book, but rather did not like it. Different stars having different rating perceptions can create a vastly different scoring system. For this reason, it is important that you make your rankings clear and precise by providing a thorough explanation about what each rating truly means.


Evaluation of book reviews is always subjective and based on a reader’s interpretation. For this reason your rating system should allow also readers to express their opinions in addition to providing a star rating. Consider this: if a reader gives a book a two-star rating because it contained some graphic content, it may discourage another reader (who wouldn’t have been offended by the content) from buying it because of the low rating.  So, if you allow readers to provide an explanation on why they chose a particular rating, it’ll help others make a more informed decision on whether or not to buy the book.    


Most people are familiar with the standard 5-star rating system; but even still, using one can cause a lot of misinterpretation.  In order to minimize ambiguity and get fair book reviews from readers, your blog should include a grid of how your rating scale should be used and interpreted:

***** EXCEPTIONAL Loved the book and would definitely recommend it to friends and family

**** EXCELLENT – Liked the book a lot and would tell others about it

*** GOOD – The book was ok, I might recommend to others

** POOR – Didn’t really care for the book and would not tell others about it

* HORRIBLE – Hated the book….Do not buy!

For a more detailed example of a book review rating scale, you can visit the book blogs such as Respiring Thoughts (, Reading Books Like a Boss ( and The Z-Axis (

Creating a rating scale for your book review blog can be very helpful to many readers.  If you define your rating scale in a way that can be easily understood, readers will frequent your blog whenever they’re seeking honest and reliable book reviews.   


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