The most successful authors in today’s time typically do not work alone. Writing a book is a tedious task and producing a best-selling book is even tougher. For this reason, authors often need to collaborate with each other to produce the best work possible. Finding a co-author to join forces in producing a bestselling book is highly achievable.


Writing a Book with a Co-Author

Working with a co-author may make or break your self-publishing dreams. But there are ways on how to succeed and produce a masterpiece. ChatEbooks lists down these tips and you’re well on your way to the bestselling list!

Find a Co-Author Whose Vision You Share

Make a list of the goals and objectives you want to accomplish by writing your book. For example – educate and enlighten teens, thrill an audience with horror stories, tug at heartstrings with romance gush, etc.   Next, find someone who shares your same vision; someone that you can work with harmoniously.  If your strengths and weaknesses complement each other, you can work out what each of you will contribute.  Keep in mind that everything two authors write together is the result of their combined imaginations, knowledge, experience, and energy. Ultimately, the ideal collaboration for writing a book is one in which the book you are writing together is a book that neither of you could have written alone. 

Set an Agreement

Once you and your co-author have determined who will do what, it’s time to document your agreement. Your agreement should be very detailed and list everything you’ve decided on. Such decisions can include: who will own each character, who gets the final edit of the manuscript. Others include how you will resolve differences and whose name will go first on the cover. If you take your time in figuring these things in advance, you’ll prevent a lot conflict in the long run.

Split the Work

Writing a book with a co-author allows you to split the work and minimize time to completion. As early as the planning phase, you should divide the work load clearly. This can mean one author writes the even chapters while the other author writes the odd chapters. To pull this off, you’ll need to work jointly in creating an outline of each chapter. This is to maintain the flow of the storyline.  Another way to divide the wok is by designating one author to write the first draft while the other author writes the second. The main goal is to hold up your end of the workload to ensure you produce a successful final piece. 

Writing a book that charts the best-seller list may seem unattainable at first thought.  However, the goal of producing a bestselling book may feel more reachable if you have the support of a co-author. By collaborating with another author of the same mind, the two of you may be able to produce a successful masterpiece that is esteemed by millions.   So give co-authoring a thought at least, if not a try. You may be surprised at the results – and the rewards!


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