Every parent must make an effort to understand their child’s reading choices and to ensure that the literary material they are consuming is helping them rather than limiting their development. 


Tips on How to Control Your Children’s Reading Choices

Children’s books are so wide-ranging that separating the right books from the wrong ones might prove difficult. However, as a parent, this is one challenge you should never shy away from. Especially not when the books your children read can have such a drastic impact on their mental growth. ChatEbooks lists down some tips on how to control your children’s reading choices.

Expose them to Appropriate Reading Materials

One of the most important aspects in this area is exposure. If you know what you want your children to read, then make an effort to only expose them to that particular reading material. Because children have little to no resources, they most likely have little choice in what they read. In other words, they will read whatever you choose to give them.  This will allow you to determine the types of children’s books and literary content they are being exposed to.

Develop their Reading Habits

The easiest way to impact a child’s reading choices is to impress your desired reading habits upon their siblings. Why? Young children are often molded in their habits by the actions of other children with whom they relate. By impacting the reading habits of their older peers, you can more effectively control their reading choices. This is especially true when they are still young and impressionable.

Separate the “Good Books” from the “Bad Books”

It’s true that exposing your child to the types of children’s books you would rather they read can help guide him/her towards the reading choices you prefer.  It’s equally true that keeping them away from anything you consider inappropriate will also protect them from those reading choices with which you disagree. In other words, keep those so-called “bad books” away from your children and you can keep them free of their influence. Once they are older and wiser, exposure to reading the material you dislike may not have as much of an impressionable impact.

Talk to Them

Talk to your children. Sometimes, the easiest way to control your children’s reading choices is to tell them what children’s books you would prefer they read or avoid. This will prove especially effective at a young age when they take your word as law. Communicate with your children about what you think their literary choices should be.

Read to Them

The children’s books you read to your child will have a lasting impact. The memories you create with your child as you read to them will guide them as they explore the literary arena in their adolescent and young adult years.

Read with Them

Proving more effective than reading to your child is reading with them. This means allowing them to participate in the reading experience and giving them the chance to read difficult sentences and learn new words. By engaging them in the activity of reading, you are more likely to cement your preferences in them and drive them towards those reading materials they think you will approve of.

Develop Curiosity by Modeling

If your children have no immediate siblings or people within their age bracket that they can relate to, then you can make yourself the role model. Let your children see you read those books you would rather they gravitate towards. Sheer curiosity may eventually drive them to seek out similar reading material.

Engage in Fun, Songs and Games

You can always use rhymes, games and even songs to impress your reading choices in the heads of your little ones. Parents typically use rhymes, games and songs to teach their children how to read. They do not realize that they can use these same tactics to determine what they read. Songs and games influence what your children learn and the things they will remember.

Ask for Help

Reach out to your child’s librarian or teacher. Not only can these people take steps to control your children’s reading choices when they are away from you, but they can also guide you with regards to the best ways to control the material your child reads. 

Reinforce their Interests

Take the time to understand your child’s interest.  You need to give your children some control over what they should read. By understanding their interests, you can find ways of either reinforcing them in these interests or directing them towards other healthier interests. For instance, if your child loves fantasy and you do not like the graphic nature of their reading choices, you can always find cleaner reading options in the fantasy genre that can meet their craving for fantasy without corrupting their sensibilities.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to control the children’s books that fill your child’s bookshelves. The books your kids are exposed to can impact their way of thinking for years to come. As such, this is one responsibility you cannot afford to shun. 


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Children’s Books – 10 Ways to Control Your Child's Reading Choices
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